PONDAN Vanilla Cupcakes for Your Cake Dough

pondan.com Cupcakes are one of the most favorite cakes served in the family. Moreover, if you use quality materials with the appropriate content. PONDAN with its special variant vanilla cupcake will be the perfect blend for your cupcakes.

With this special variant from PONDAN, of course it will be able to help you make cupcakes. Apart from that, this will give you a delicious taste of the cupcakes you made.


For those of you who are curious about the composition of this PONDAN cupcake, it consists of flour, granulated sugar, skimmed milk powder, sodium bicarbonate developer, phosphate stabilizer, vegetable emulsifier, natural identical flavor vanilla and also food coloring

How To Make

Before moving on to how to make it, the first thing you need to prepare is four eggs, 3 tablespoons of plain water and melted margarine.

Heating the Oven

First, of course, you need to preheat the oven that you will use to make the cupcakes.

Inserting Ingredients

The second step is to beat the eggs for about two minutes then add the premix flour from PONDAN, namely vanilla cupcake by adding three tablespoons of plain water.

After that, you need to add the melted margarine and then stir the mixture with a whisk until your mixture is evenly mixed. After that, you need to pour it into the cupcake mold that you prepared earlier and bake it until cooked

For those of you who want to make toppings for cupcakes, all you need to prepare is powdered sugar, white butter, margarine and butter. To make it yourself, you have to mix all the ingredients and beat it with a mixer at high speed until it is uniform and white, then add food coloring to your taste.

Thus the discussion in this article is about PONDAN vanilla cupcakes which you can find in the nearest marketplace and mini market.

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