5 Popular Cakes to Buy as Souvenirs

Popular Cakes to Buy as Souvenirs from Indonesia

It is definitely not complete holiday if you do not bring souvenirs, mom & sis. Not only souvenirs, food is also sure to be the must buy souvenir to take home. Now in various cities in Indonesia, apparently has a unique souvenir of each of them. As well as the following 5 cities in Indonesia.

Manado’s Klappertaart

Klappertaart - [ via sajiansedap ]
Klappertaart – [ via sajiansedap ]
Klappertaart comes from the word ‘klapper’ which means coconut and ‘taart’ which means tar. The iconic cake of Manado was originally made by Dutch colonial people who lived in the Minahasa during the colonial era. This cake has a texture like a solid pudding with stuffed young coconut and a distinctive aroma of rhum, but feels soft on the tongue like custard. Klappertaart is best served cold.

Palembang’s Maksubah

Cakes to Buy as Souvenirs
Kue Maksubah Khas Palembang – [ via srivijaya.id ]
Not only Pempek, Palembang also seems to have its own special cake. It is called Maksubah. The appearance of Maksubah is similar to Lapis Legit cake. The difference is that Maksubah uses less flour when compared to Lapis Legit cakes and tends to use duck eggs instead of chicken eggs. It also feels softer, savory and does not have a bad aftertaste.

Medan’s Bika Ambon

Cakes to Buy as Souvenirs
Kue Bika Ambon Khas Medan – [ via tribunnews ]
Even though it’s called Bika Ambon, the fact is that this one cake was not originally from Ambon, right? Although it is not clear the literature that mentions the history of naming this cake as Bika Ambon, the yellow-scented and legit-flavored yellow cake with many cavities seems to have been known and popular in Medan as a typical souvenir cake since the 1970s. Delicious Bika Ambon usually uses coconut milk from old coconut. This can be seen from the texture of the cake that is oily and not hard and smells good.

Surabaya’s Layer Cake

Cakes to Buy as Souvenirs
Kue Lapis Surabaya

Surabaya’s layer cake is a modification of the ancient recipe of Spikoe cake or what is called Lapis Legit. It is said that Surabaya’s layer cake was first made by Chinese people living in Surabaya until later it became popular and even became a typical souvenir of the city of Surabaya. When compared with Spikoe Cake which consists of dozens of layers, Surabaya’s layer cake only consists of 2-3 layers only. Classic Surabaya’s layer cake usually uses spices such as cinnamon and dried fruit pieces such as raisins or prunes. But now there are many variants such as chocolate, cream cheese, vanilla, and even durian

Bandung’s Steam Brownies

Brownies Kukus Khas Bandung - [ via sindonews ]
Brownies Kukus Khas Bandung – [ via sindonews ]
Even though the brownie cake is not from Indonesia, but who would have thought if the processed innovation of steamed brownies instead became an icon for souvenirs typical of the city of Bandung. Is Amanda Steamed Brownies made by Mrs. Hj. Sumiwiludjeng, one of the brands of steamed brownies in Bandung who first popularized this sweet confectionary became a souvenir from the City of Kembang in early 2000. Not only chocolate, now there are many creations of steamed brownies that you can find such as pandan steamed brownies , tiramisu, strawberries, even cream cheese.



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