Practical and Delicious, Tips for Making Healthy Pondan Muffins When in free time, of course, many people like to make delicious snacks so they don’t get bored easily. One of them is making healthy Pondan muffins in the style of home-made snacks that are recommended for your beloved family.

Even so, many think that muffins are not good for eating too much. The reason is, this type of cake is famous for being very sweet so not everyone can eat this cake.

5 Tips for Making Foundation Muffins

You can still make healthy muffins for your family with products from Pondan that have guaranteed quality. The trick is to apply some healthy tips in the process of making muffins to keep them healthy and delicious

  • Creating Standard Size Muffins

Muffins are one of my favorite cakes that are often present at family gatherings or at leisure. To make delicious muffins, simply make them according to standard sizes instead of the sizes usually available in bakeries.

  • Using Olive Oil

Instead of melted butter, you can use olive oil, corn oil, or another neutral-scented oil. The oil will give a softer and healthier Pondan muffin texture as a family snack.

  • Beans as Topping

In addition, for muffin toppings, you can use fresh nuts to make the aroma more delicious. Add any kind of nuts that are fresh and the aroma is maintained in the muffin batter to make it more interesting.

  • Reduce Sugar Usage

Mufgin is famous as a very sweet cake and is a favorite food especially for children and is avoided by adults. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with reducing the use of sugar in muffin batter so that it can become a snack menu for everyone.

  • Reduce Salt Usage

Not only is the use of excess sugar harmful to health, but also the use of salt. It’s better if you don’t use too much salt by making the muffin size smaller.

Those are some tips for making delicious and healthy Pondan muffins at home and suitable for various family events. To get Pondan muffins, you can buy them from the nearest marketplace or minimarket platform.

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