Practical Tips for Making Donuts from Pondan Flour

pondan.comPondan flour is a solution for cake lovers to make delicious and delicious snacks. One example is to make delicious and practical donuts. With the all-purpose flour, some foodies want to make it easier with all-purpose flour.

You can make various kinds of healthy cake creations and culinary delights. So how to be creative? Don’t worry, there is a tutorial to overcome difficulties in making healthy snacks.

You only need seven ingredients, then, your family’s favorite food will be served soon and of course very delicious and practical. What do you need to prepare in making practical donuts?

  • One Pack of Multipurpose Flour

Please prepare a basin that will be used for the versatile flour container. Unwrap the flour and add the flour slowly. So that all the flour does not spill, you can put it in a basin by sifting it first.

  • Egg yolk

If you have poured flour into the basin. Next is enter the egg yolks as much as three eggs.

  • Milk

Next enter the white milk that has been mixed with water as much as 200 ml. Add the milk slowly while continuing to stir. Flour, milk and eggs have been mixed together.

  • Butter

Add 1 tablespoon butter. You can cook it first so that it melts and then mix it into the dough.

  • Yeast

In all-purpose flour there is a packet of instant yeast that can be used. However, to mix it put it in the milk. Stir to mix together.

  • Sugar

Next is sugar to taste or as desired. You can also use liquid sugar to make it easier to mix with the dough.

  • Topping

You can add a topping of cheese mixed with butter so that it sticks to the donuts. For those of you who like melted chocolate, it must be melted first before applying to the donuts.

For how to make it quite easy, that is, mix all the ingredients together. Then activate the instant yeast using milk.

Stir the dough until smooth, then let stand a few moments until it expands then immediately fry or can be steamed. If it is cooked or cold, then immediately sprinkle with topping. Of course as desired.

Pretty easy isn’t it? How? Do you want to make donuts easily and practically? Please you can practice at home with Pondan flour. Well, get ready to be creative with flour which is very useful in all types of food.

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