Ready to Making Pudding? Consider These 3 Things First

Making pudding sound easy and fast. How come? This sweet food that is usually served as a dessert only requires water and added sugar if necessary. Someone who is not good at cooking can do it. But people’s responses will be different if we talk about taste and appearance. These two things will leave an impression on people’s heads. Before making pudding, it helps us pay attention to the three things below.

cara membuat pudding pondan

For Whom or What Pudding Made

This desert can be eaten by anyone. Its sweet and refreshing taste doesn’t look at age or gender. Therefore, it can be present at any event, from a family gathering to a niece’s birthday party. But actually you have to pay attention to the purpose of pudding beforehand. Who will come to the birthday party? If the guests are mostly small children, it is better to make it in small sizes and not add too much sugar so that their teeth are not damaged. This will certainly change if some guests are teenagers or middle-aged people.

cara membuat pudding pondan

Tools and Materials Needed 

Cooking definitely requires certain tools, even when you are going to cooking the desert. The most common tools needed are pans, stoves, soup spoons, and molds. Certain recipes require additional tools or ingredients. Please prepared and measured the ingredients correctly. Don’t wait until you are ready to cook, but there is one tool or ingredient that is left behind.

How to Cook The Pudding

Generally, pudding is cooked by boiling. But there are also puddings that only need hot water. Like Pudding Flan from Pondan. Measure out exactly 450 cc of boiling water and then pour into a large bowl container. To cook it, you only need to pour the pudding powder little by little into boiling water while stirring for ± 4 minutes until evenly distributed and there are no lumps. Then into a cup or mold that has been prepared. After setting, the desert is ready to eat.

It’s very easy to make pudding with Pondan. Pondan Flan Pudding is available in 3 flavors, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Mango. Let’s get every flavors at the nearest store or on the official website of Pondan.

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