Savory and Crunchy Kaastengels Cake Mix Who can resist kaastengels cake mix during a snack or Eid? Kastengel is one of the most popular variations of pastries because it tastes delicious.

Ahead of the month of Ramadan or Eid al-Fitr, people in Indonesia usually carry out a number of unique customs. Where generally will make or buy a variety of Eid cakes in addition to buying new clothes.

Among the many choices of pastries kaastengels cake mix the Eid moment is never absent. If you like cheese, you already know that kastengel has a delicious and savory taste.

This is what differentiates it from most pastries. In addition to the dough ingredients that are added cheese, the surface of the cake is generally sprinkled with cheese. Kastengel is without a doubt a favorite with mouth-watering cheese lovers.

Usually kastengel cakes are formed in a rectangle of about 3 cm with varying thickness. But mostly kaastengels cake mix are printed thick enough to accentuate the savory and crunchy taste.

Kastengel has a slightly hard texture. These pastries don’t crumble easily when you hold them. But when bitten, your tongue will feel a blend of crunchyand soft from kastengel.

Each cake is made with dense slices and is slightly thicker. So it’s not as thin as pastries like cat’s tongue or cheese steak. kaastengels cake mix provides a blend of crunchy tastes , buttery, and creamy in every chew.

This cake looks beautiful with a golden yellow color. Then it is added with a sprinkling of savory cheese, creating a taste that is so delicious when it meets your tongue.

This cake is much loved because it tastes good and the price is cheap, especially for packaged cakes. Even if you want to make kaastengels cake mix yourself, the method is very easy.

The kastengel dough is similar to pineapple dough. The difference is only in the use of very little cheese and in the middle there is jam. To try to make your own kastengel cake at home, you need a few ingredients.

You need to prepare flour, cheese, powdered milk, margarine, and of course eggs. The delicacy of your homemade cake depends on the kaastengels cake mix ingredients. Not only the aroma, the savory, soft and salty sensation is so tempting

Kaastengels cake mix always suitable to accompany you to spend time with family. The soft and crunchy texture combined with the savory and salty taste of the cheese will make you addicted.

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