8 Secret Baking Hacks to Save Time

At first glance, baking may seem eerily complicated. But, as soon as you try it, you’ll realize that it’s such an easy thing to do, especially if you add some secret tricks that can ease the whole process. With these tricks, you may realize how simple it is to be an expert in doing it. Want to know how? Take a peek at some of these baking hacks that we’ve summarized for you.

1. Boiling Eggs from the Fridge

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Did you know that eggs stored in the fridge will be much easier to peel if they’ve reached room temperature? Well, instead of patiently waiting for the cold eggs to warm up for about 30 minutes, you can actually just dip it right away in warm water. Let it sit in warmth for a few minutes, and these eggs will quickly reach room temperature.

2. Using Dental Floss to Cut Cakes

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If you’re afraid of cakes with uneven cuts, there’s a trick where dental floss can be put into use. However, this can only be applied to dishes with a soft texture, such as cheesecake. Just pull the dental floss from both sides. By cutting it like this, you may get a much neater cut. Additionally, you can also use dental floss to cut cakes into layers.

3. Cutting Cakes with a Hot Knife

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Say you want to use a knife to cut something. Aside from making it sharp, the other baking hacks you should try is to utilize a hot knife. To do so, you simply have to put the knife in hot water for a few seconds. Let the knife dry for a moment, then use it to cut any type of cakes. This method will give a more delicate shape to your cake. The cut will look much neater as well.

4. Removing Broken Eggshells

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During the process of cracking an egg, oftentimes a broken shell gets stuck inside the bowl. This sounds irritating since egg shells are quite difficult to remove by hand or even with a fork. No need to worry, there is a much easier way to get it out. Simply use the whole egg shell to remove it as this fragment will stick to the texture of the shell. It surely saves time, right?

5. Substituting Cake Ingredients

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If after seeing a recipe, you discover that you don’t have the ingredients, no need to panic. Just use some alternative substitutes that you have at home. For example, you can replace the bread flour with the crumbs of your favorite snacks. Or, you can also replace sugar with honey. For a complete list on this topic, make sure to check out another article of ours.

6. Handling Sticky Ingredients

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Sticky ingredients, like sugar, honey, or caramel, often cause a lot of troubles in the kitchen, especially when they stick to your hands and other equipment. To prevent it from ruining your cooking mood, simply wet both of your hands with clean water before handling anything sticky. By doing it, any sticky objects will be much easier to hold.

7. Using Tin Foils on a Baking Pan

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All have been there, yet you’ve just realized that the baking pan at home is too large for you who want to make a smaller cake. Well, there’s no need to buy a new pan. Tin foils can serve as your next favorite baking hacks. To do this, cut any aluminum foil to the length you wish. Then, put it on the baking sheet to form a sort of divider.

8. Learning How to Measure ingredients

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In the end, measurement is the key to success in baking. A small amount of incorrect measure may lead to a bigger fail. That’s why it’s important for you to always use a scale or measuring cup. But, there is another trick to measure ingredients, and you need to remember and practice it until you get used to it, for example: 3 teaspoons equals 1 tablespoon, 16 tablespoons equals 1 cup, 1 cup equals 250 grams, 1 tablespoon equals 15 ml, and 1 teaspoon equals to 5 ml.

Voila! You’ve now mastered some of the most useful baking hacks that will surely save your time. Aside from applying these tricks, save your time even more by using Pondan premix products. From pudding, brownies, to various other cakes, you can make yourself a failproof recipe with the most basic ingredients. Come, let’s try it now with Pondan!


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