Simple Pudding Serving With Pudding Flan Pouch 100g Puddingis often a favorite dish for the whole family and is even suitable for you to serve as a dessert. So it’s no wonder why pudding is always there every time there is a big family event, even at weddings, it’s almost always there.

Those of you who quite like this one food will taste incomplete if you don’t try to make it directly at home. Therefore, the recommended material for those of you who want to try making pudding is to have a special mixture for your pudding.

You can also try making pudding with a simple shape and for material recommendations you can use Pudding flan pouch 100g  with various types of flavor variants to choose from in accordance with the wishes. This product will be quite helpful when making pudding later.

More about the composition of this product is sugar, milk powder, carrageenan gelling agent, vegetable stabilizer, cocoa powder, synthetic chocolate flavoring and of course the coloring contained in chocolate HT CI No. 20285 (if using the brown variant), FCF CI 42090 diamond bit, Tartazine CI. No. 19140 and Karmosin CI No. 14720.

So you don’t have to worry about using this product when making your pudding and for other types of PONDAN, especially pudding, it’s the same but if you want different ingredients simpler, you can use this pudding flan pouch.

When you want to make pudding, all you need to prepare is to boil 450cc of water and then 3 cups of empty water for a pudding mold later. More details about how to serve it is to measure the boiling water appropriately and then pour it into a large bowl.

After that add instant pudding powder little by little and stir until evenly distributed until there are no visible lumps. Then pour into the prepared cup and wait until the pudding hardens. If it has hardened enough then the pudding is ready to be served and you can also put it in the refrigerator first to be served cold if you like.

Thus the discussion of this article is related to simple pudding dish with 100g pudding flan pouch and you can get this product in the nearest marketplace and supermarket.

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