Soft Ice Cream, Suitable for Opening a New Business Making soft ice cream and delicious is of course not an easy thing to make. Especially for beginners who are still learning, of course it’s not easy to get soft ice cream results right away. Ice Cream is a food that is in demand by all ages, from children to adults.

As we know, some foods can change your mood when you are tired, exhausted, and lethargic due to daily activities. Some mood-changing foods are chocolate, snacks or drinking coffee. Then can eating ice cream also reduce feelings of sadness and improve mood? The answer is yes.

Ice cream is known to increase serotonin which can make people feel happy and calm. This is because ice cream contains amino acids. Ice cream  especially soft ice cream can reduce excessive sadness, depression, stress and anxiety. Because L-tryptophan contained in milk also helps reduce insomnia symptoms. Ice cream not only calms the nervous system, but also stimulates thrombotonin, which can lead to feelings of happiness and joy.

The myth that ice cream can cause coughs and colds is wrong. Coughs and colds are caused by viruses. Eating ice cream does not make coughs and colds worse. Precisely ice cream can relieve sore throats and provide the body with the calories it needs when you don’t have an appetite

of course to feel the maximum deliciousness of ice cream, you need to choose and sort the quality ice cream. No need to be confused and worried about looking far and wide, because delicious ice cream is of the best quality and can be easily found at the nearest mini market to your favorite mobile marketplace. This ice cream is still in the form of ice cream powder that you can make yourself at home. The advantages so that you can be creative according to your wishes. besides that, if you make it yourself, of course it’s guaranteed to be hygienic.

Now, with the many benefits of ice cream and the many enthusiasts of ice cream, of course there is no more reason to try to open an ice cream business. No need to be confused where to get materials from? Because ponda has provided a business package for making Soft Ice Cream and liked by many people

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