Sponge Cake and Butter Cake, Are They Kue Bolu?

pondan.comIf you are a cake lover, you must be familiar with the term “kue bolu”, right? Yes, the name that refers to this soft textured cake generally consists of three main ingredients, namely eggs, wheat flour, and sugar. However, do you know where the sponge cake came from and what types?

The term “kue bolu” is taken from the Portuguese “Bolo”, which basically means cake. This cake is made from wheat flour, sugar, and eggs, which are then baked or steamed.

Ripe sponges are usually decorated with butter and various other toppings, such as chocolate, grated cheese, to fruit. For its type, sponge cake is divided into two, namely sponge cake and butter cake.

kue bolu

Sponge Cake

As the name suggests, sponge cake has a super soft texture like a sponge. This is because the main ingredients consist of beaten eggs and sugar which will produce foam or foam. After that, then add melted butter or cooking oil.

Therefore, the main ingredient used as a developer in making sponge cake is eggs, not baking powder, as in other sponge cakes. Although fairly soft, sponge cake is a dense type of sponge, you know.

The softness of the sponge cake is also due to the right temperature when the cake is baked. To produce the perfect texture, sponge cake is usually baked at a temperature of 180-200 ° C. Not only that, the depth of the pan must also be considered in detail.

Remember, temperatures that are too high can cause the outside of the cake to bake and dry too quickly while the inside is still raw. Some of the sponge cakes commonly found in Indonesia include plain sponge cakes with chocolate or cheese flavors and rolled sponge cakes filled with fruit jam.

Butter Cake

The second type of sponge cake is butter cake, which in the manufacturing process relies on baking powder as a developer. This is because the butter cake consists of the main ingredient, namely butter which is whipped with sugar.

Not only that, the texture of butter cake is denser than sponge cake. Therefore, if you keep the butter cake too long at room temperature, the texture will become dry. However, you don’t have to worry, as long as the margarine and baking temperature are right, don’t doubt the taste.

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