Steamed Brownies vs Baked Brownies, Which Is Tastier?

Steamed brownies is the popular brownies in Indonesia when compared to the original version, baked brownies. In fact, the taste of baked brownies is just as delicious as steamed brownies. So what are mom and sis, the difference between steamed brownies and baked brownies? Let’s look at below.

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Steamed brownies have a moist and tender texture when compared to baked brownies. This is due to the steaming technique itself which involves water vapor as a medium to cook the mixture. The cooking process also takes place faster when compared to the baked technique.

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As for baked brownies, it has a crisp texture on the outside and is usually soft on the inside. This is due to the process of cooking the mixture in the oven which usually takes place slowly. The hot, long oven temperature makes a lot of liquid comes out of the dough, making the brownies dry. The time in baking brownies also needs to be considered so that the brownies are not baked too long because it can make the brownies hard.

Taste and Aroma

Matter of taste, steamed brownies generally have a taste that tends to be genuine. This happens because the cooking process quickly highlights the taste of the ingredients when the steaming process takes place. The aroma of the cake produced tends to be less strong because the aroma usually evaporates when the mixture is cooled.

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As for baked brownies, the resulting flavor tends to be more complex. This happens because when baked, the cooking process that takes place slowly not only releases the taste of each ingredient maker but also makes it blend with each other. The fragrance of the brownies also becomes more fragrant because when cooked the aroma of the brownie cake automatically locks and does not simply evaporate when cooled.


Steamed brownies usually don’t last long. Brownies will only last around 2-3 days before start to stale or moldy. This is because the water content in brownies is quite high. This can be solved by storing the brownies into the refrigerator so that it can last longer. While the baked brownies has the less the amount of water. Brownies can also last longer to be stored and enjoyed in a long time, without the need to put it in the fridge.

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