Strawberry Cheese Pancakes


  • 1 pack of Pondan Pancake cheese 250 gr
  • 175 mL water
  • 2 eggs


  • Whip cream Pondan
  • grated cheese
  • Strawberry Fruit
  • Stawberry Jam


  • Heat Teflon for 2 minutes with low heat

  • Mix Pondan Pancake cheese, water, and egg into one into a bowl

  • Beat the ingredients using the mixer until evenly distributed

  • Bake the Pancake by pouring 1 tablespoon of dough vegetable into a heated teflon

  • Turn Pancake after the surface is hollow and lift

  • Do it until the dough runs out

  • Put Pancake on the plate, give whip cream Pondan and strawberry fruit, cover with pancake, do the above step until 3 layers of pancake, sprinkle grated cheese on top, give decoration whip cream Pondan and strawberry fruit

  • Serve

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