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What Pudding Actually Means in Different Countries

For those of you who enjoy searching pudding recipes from all around the world, perhaps it is no surprise for you to know that a pudding can actually mean so many different things. Yes, it turns out that the term “pudding” can indeed refer to a variety of foods with different shapes and textures in […]

For Valentine’s Food, Pair Chocolate with These 5 Ingredients

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is often associated with chocolate. The sweet and delicious taste of chocolate seems to represent the idea of love that is just as sweet. As a common Valentine’s food, chocolate will certainly be more pleasing if it’s combined with other tasty treats. So, which ingredients are the best chocolate […]

The History of Pudding

The History of Pudding

The History of Pudding The History Of Pudding | Pondan.com – Mom and sis, do you don’t know that pudding in ancient times was not a sweet dessert, but a savory food that contained meat? Then why are pudding nowadays sweet and fresh? What is the history? Let’s take a look as the development of pudding […]