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Cake Premix Review from Baked Pondan Black Forest Products

pondan.com – Many people now find it easier to make cakes with Baked black forest Pondan. Of course, some people who have used it give quite an interesting expectation when you use it to make the cake. Therefore, you want to learn how to make delicious cakes. Of course, you can pay attention to the […]

Practical Ways to Make Black Forest Cake

pondan.com – Several types of cakes have become very popular because they have a delicious taste that is liked by all people. One that has become a worldwide favourite is the Black Forest cake. This cake originated in Germany and is now known worldwide for its delicacy. The Origin of the Black Forest Cake Name  The […]

German Black Forest Recipe

pondan.com – Because of writing Grandma’s recipe journal, I got really drooling at the blackforest cake and decided to make #JelajahKulinerOma and try German Black Forest recipe! INGREDIENTS 1 box of Steamed Pondan Black Forest 6 eggs 100 gr of melted margarine 50 gr of melted butter Chocolate paste 1 box of Pondan Whip Cream […]

Making Black Forest In Mugs

Making Black Forest In Mugs

Making Black Forest In Mugs | Pondan.com – In ancient times, black forest cake was made specially for upper class people in big cities such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. But times have changed. A cake that consisting of four layers of chocolate sponge cakes, stuffed with cherries and cream then decorated with more cream, […]

Black Forest Cake without an Oven

black forest cake without an oven

Black Forest Cake without an Oven | Pondan.com –When your best friend’s birthday is just around the corner, you plan on having a small party and making your own cake. A delicious Black Forest cake would be nice, but unfortunately, you don’t have an oven. Did you know that Black Forest cake can be baked without an […]

History of Black Forest Cake

History Black Forest Cake

History Black Forest Cake | Pondan.com – You’re familiar with a cake called Black Forest, right? The German dessert consists of four layers of chocolate sponge cake filled with cherries and cream which is then covered and decorated with more cream, cherries and chocolate shavings. Do you ever wonder how this sweet and creamy cake got […]