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This is How to Make Blackforest from Steamed Bulky Blackforest

pondan.com – Blackforest is one type of cake which until now has a lot of enthusiasts. It’s just that how to make it is not as easy as imagined. However, luckily now there is bulky blackforest steamed. With this cake flour, it will be easier for you to make blackforest . To be able to […]

Blackforest Sus Roll, a Beautiful Dish for Iftar

pondan.com – Soon Muslims will be fasting. One of the things to look forward to while fasting is of course the time to break the fast. There will be many choices of dishes that can be tasted when it is time to break the fast. One of the favorites is the type of sweet food. […]

5 Most Popular Cakes in the World

Most Popular Cakes

Most Popular Cakes – Who doesn’t love a delicious cake? Almost everyone can admit that a good slice of cake is one of life’s finest pleasures. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the question is: which types of cakes are the most popular in the world? Let’s take a look at this list. We […]

Black Forest Rolls

INGREDIENTS 1 pack Pondan Black Forest Cake Flour 400 gr 6 whole eggs + 4 yolks only 150 g liquid margarine 100 gr butter of liquid perfume Chocolate paste (contained in the package) GARNISH 1 pack Cake Powder Pondan Whip Cream 250 cc ice water 250 gr tan block (shrink) Cherry that has been cut […]