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Korean Butter Chicken Unifood

pondan.com – Who is my Grandchild who likes to drool at Korean cuisine because of watching Korean dramas? Now, you can also make your own Korean-style fried chicken with Grandma’s latest recipe. INGREDIENTS: 4 pieces of chicken drumsticks 1 box of Tepung Bumbu ala Kentucky Unifood Salt to taste Pepper to taste 7 tablespoons of […]

5 Ways to Bake Healthy Cookies

Healthy Cookies

Healthy Cookies ? Healthy Cookies surely be your choice while on a diet.. even certainly everyone’s choice to accompany his beautiful days.There are so many type of cookies, whether it’s sweet, salty, and even fruity. Most recipes use high amounts of butter, granulated sugar, chocolate and all-purpose flour, which unfortunately have little nutritional value. But […]