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Review of Making Soes Cake Pondan

pondan.com – Making Pondan soes cakeof course not a process that is difficult to do. Those of you who have tried it are also sure that many will say it is quite simple when making it. Therefore, you can understand people’s judgments. When going to make soes cake, of course there are some ingredients that […]

PONDAN Vanilla Cupcakes for Your Cake Dough

pondan.com – Cupcakes are one of the most favorite cakes served in the family. Moreover, if you use quality materials with the appropriate content. PONDAN with its special variant vanilla cupcake will be the perfect blend for your cupcakes. With this special variant from PONDAN, of course it will be able to help you make […]

Savory and Crunchy Kaastengels Cake Mix

pondan.com – Who can resist kaastengels cake mix during a snack or Eid? Kastengel is one of the most popular variations of pastries because it tastes delicious. Ahead of the month of Ramadan or Eid al-Fitr, people in Indonesia usually carry out a number of unique customs. Where generally will make or buy a variety […]

Must Buy! This is the Magic Pondan Chocolate Muffin Cake Review

pondan.com – Muffins are one of the cakes that are often eaten. Not only that, you should also know that making chocolate muffins can be done easily. To be able to make muffins easily, you can use Pondan flour. Besides that, you should also know that there are many loyal buyers who have given reviews […]

3 Pondan Cookies For Family Gathering

pondan.com – Family gatherings are often held to celebrate important moments in the family. To make this family gathering more intimate, Pondan pastries are often chosen as a regular snack. Pondan Pastry Options Cookies are indeed very suitable to be used as snacks during group events because they are small and easy to eat. However, […]

3 Popular Dutch Heritage Cakes

3 Popular Dutch Heritage Cakes. Which is your favorite? Pondan.com – Thick with local flavor, unexpectedly you know mom and sis that there are cakes that are popular in Indonesia turned out to be a legacy from the Netherlands. The close history of Indonesia to the Dutch colonial era and the occurrence of cultural acculturation […]

Must Try! 6 Easy and Unique Eid Cookies

Ones of the most notable dishes served during the Eid al-Fitr are cookies and pastries. These particular treats are indeed perfect for family gatherings during the religious holiday. For this year, are you interested in making cookies that are different from usual? Then, you should try making these unique Eid cookies. It’s so easy and […]

Kue Kering Anti Gagal Dengan 5 Tips Ini

Kue Kering | pondan.com – Banyak tips yang menjelaskan apa saja yang kamu harus lakukan demi mendapatkan kue kering yang sempurna. Hanya saja beberapa di antaranya sudah terlalu biasa. Contohnya seperti ikuti resep, panaskan oven, dan lainnya. Tapi, pernahkah kamu berpikir, apa hal yang tidak boleh kamu lakukan agar kue kering tidak gagal. Berikut, 5 […]

Brownies Cookies for Eid

Brownies Cookies for Eid Brownies Cookies for Eid– Pondan.com | Make cookies with Pondan Brownies Pouch? Yes you can! Let’s to make a meal for iftar or Eid. The taste of cookies make your uncle, aunty, cousin and niece will definitely forgotten to ask when you got married ;p Ingredients : Cookies: 1 Brownies Pouch […]

Long Lasting Cookies, Follow The Steps

long lasting cookies

Long Lasting Cookies | Pondan.com – Cookies such as nastar, kastengel, and putri salju are perfect for sweetening the holiday. Not only are they easy to make, these cookies can also be stored for long periods. However, there are some things that need to be considered to maintain their crispness and taste even though they […]