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Tips for making easy and attractive tarts to look at

pondan.com – Tarts are sweet-tasting snacks made in two stages of processing. The first step begins with making a basic tart which has a crunchy texture, savory taste, softness from the main ingredients of wheat flour and butter. Next, make the tart filling, the main ingredient is cream which can be created with additional ingredients […]

Sponge Cake Mix Chocolate Pondan Recipe Anti-Fail And Complicated

pondan.com – Sponge Cake is one of the desserts that is usually served on certain occasions such as weddings, celebrations or even birthdays. This is because sponge cake is one dish that is quite popular and liked by the public. In addition, how to make Pondan Chocolate Cake Mix Sponge is very easy. Pondan sponge […]

Unique, Here are 2 Recipes for Making Anti-Fail Pandan Moss Pudding

pondan.com – One of the fun activities to spend the weekend with the family is making snacks such as Pondan moss pudding. Here are the 2 best recipes for making moss pudding at home very practically 2 Best Moss Pondan Pudding Recipes To make the process of making this moss pudding easier, you need to […]

Various Yogurt Recipes with Pondan Magic Frozen Yogurt

pondan.com – Yogurt is a food that is rich in probiotics and is very good for consumption by dieters. In addition to containing probiotics, yogurt is also enriched with vitamins and other nutrients, which are good for use to launch the digestive system Even though it has a sour taste, yogurt is very popular with […]

Here’s How to Make Delicious Steamed Brownies at Home!

pondan.com – Brownies are always a food that fits in every atmosphere. No wonder this one food is also often a friend to drink coffee or tea. In fact, now to make it even easier, by making use of the Pondan Brownies Steamed Pouch. The composition in it also allows, Brownies to be baked. So […]

Pancake Recipes for American Breakfast Guaranteed Easy and Delicious

pondan.com – Pancakes are one of the most common breakfast dishes found in America. This pile of bread is getting fresher with a variety of toppings. Such as marple syrup, fruit, jam, and so on. This pancake recipe for breakfast is actually very easy to make at home. Moreover, if you use Pondan Pancake Mix […]

5 Types of Sweet Martabak

5 Types of Sweet Martabak That You Will Like Pondan.com – Mom & sis must be familiar with sweet martabak. Everyone’s favorite snack, also known as Terang Bulan, is easy to find. Many sweet martabak are sold everywhere, from street vendors to contemporary modern shops. With the characteristics of legit stuffing, sweet martabak today also […]

3 Popular Dutch Heritage Cakes

3 Popular Dutch Heritage Cakes. Which is your favorite? Pondan.com – Thick with local flavor, unexpectedly you know mom and sis that there are cakes that are popular in Indonesia turned out to be a legacy from the Netherlands. The close history of Indonesia to the Dutch colonial era and the occurrence of cultural acculturation […]

Bakso Goreng Tahu Unifood

Resep Bakso Goreng Tahu Unifood Pondan.com – Pengen tau resep bakso goreng tahu yang sehat dan gak kalah enak dari baso goreng daging ? Bahan-bahannya bisa didapat di dapur sendiri, pokoknya mudah dan praktis. Nggak perlu nimbang bahan lagi dan baksonya jadi menggembang dan anti gagal. Udah mulai penasaran ? Yuk langsung aja simak resepnya […]

5 Ways to Serve Marshmallows to the Next Level

Who doesn’t like snacking? This activity does make the stomach full and the heart feels happy. One snack that must be available is marshmallows. The sweet taste and chewy texture are indeed suitable for any occasion. Sometimes you get bored eating marshmallows in the same way. Why not check out some of the unique ways […]