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Make Sponge Cake with Versatile Pondan Sponge Pandan

pondan.com – Bolu is a type of cake that has a soft texture so it is quite delicious to eat accompanied by warm tea. Those of you who like to eat this type of sponge cake will certainly be more complete if you can make it yourself at home. For that you don’t need to […]

Pay Attention to 5 Mistakes When Making Homemade Pondan Ice Cream

pondan.com – Who doesn’t love ice cream? Of course, many people of all ages love ice cream. Even though you can make your own, there are still many mistakes you make when making Pondan ice cream at home. Usually these errors are considered trivial or minor, but one error can affect the result later. So, […]

Practical Ways to Make Cakes With Pondan Products

pondan.com – Cake becomes a very delicious food to be enjoyed when it is still fresh and with a solid recipe, to get a good quality cake, you don’t have to bother buying expensive cakes but you can make it yourself from home. This convenience is made possible by the help of pondan products which […]

Instant Ice Cream Powder Pondan Products

pondan.com – Making ice cream from home is actually not difficult to do, you can make ice cream easily using instant powder pondan products which is very popular today. Stocking ice cream in the refrigerator is made easier and more practical with the presence of this instant powder as a cheap product with the best […]

Come on, Make the Family’s Favorite Vanilla Mix Pudding!

pondan.com – Pudding has always been a favorite dish for families, especially children. Its chewy texture, mixed with melted vla, makes the pudding mix vanilla even more delicious. Not only suitable for family events, you can also serve pudding on formal occasions as a dessert. To produce a fail-proof vanilla pudding mix, you may have […]

Pondan Tiramisu Cake By Drg. Nadia

pondan.com – Hi, my dearest Cucu! Do you know? One of Oma’s favorite grandchildren, Drg. Nadia Widjaja, has just come up with a delicious recipe of Tiramisu Cake by using Pondan premix products! Here, let Oma share the recipe down below, so that Cucu can try the recipe at home! INGREDIENTS 4 eggs 1 box […]

Tofu Crispy Balls

pondan.com –  Are you needing a snack at leisure time? Let’s try to make tofu crispy balls using Grandma new recipe! INGREDIENTS 300 gr of white tofu 2 eggs 1 box of Pondan Bakso Goreng Unifood Quail eggs Noodle crumbs TOOLS Bowl Fork Spoon Pan INSTRUCTIONS First, put 300 grams of white tofu in a […]

Foam Pudding Pondan

pondan.com – Have you ever tried the delicious foam pudding yet? If not, it’s better to try to make it yourself with Grandma’s newest recipe. INGREDIENTS 1 pcs of Pondan Sponge Cake Vanilla Pouch 3 eggs 75 grams of melted butter 1 pouch of Pondan Pudding Flan Vanilla 2 egg whites 250 ml of boiling […]

Banana Pudding Pondan

pondan.id – My grandchild, do you want to try making a pudding with a different texture than usual? Grandma has Banana Pudding Pondan recipe that is really easy for you to try. INGREDIENTS 1 pouch of Pondan Pudding Vanilla Flan 400 ml of liquid milk 75 gr Pondan Whip Cream 125 ml of ice water Egg […]

Seafood Pancake Unifood

pondan.com – My grandchild, are you bored with the same fried snack? So, I have new Seafood Pancake Unifood recipe from Korea that you can try to make.⁣This Seafood Pancake Unifood have soft and crispy texture. So, let’s try it!⁣ INGREDIENTS 1 pcs of Unifood Tepung Bakwan 10 gr of carrots 10 gr of cabbage […]