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Mocca Ice Cream Recipe with Pondan Magic Ice Cream Mocca

pondan.com – To make delicious and soft ice cream is not too difficult. Especially with the PondanMagic Ice Cream Mocca, which makes it easier for us to make ice cream. But what needs to be considered here is the patience when making it. Because at the time of making ice mocca cream this requires repeated […]

Pondan Magic Ice Cream Powder

pondan.com – Ice cream is one of the community’s favorite foods, with a soft and cold texture accompanied by various flavors, it will be quite delicious to eat when the air is warm or even when you are in a bad mood. Those of you who like to eat ice cream at home will certainly […]

Simple Pudding Serving With Pudding Flan Pouch 100g

pondan.com – Puddingis often a favorite dish for the whole family and is even suitable for you to serve as a dessert. So it’s no wonder why pudding is always there every time there is a big family event, even at weddings, it’s almost always there. Those of you who quite like this one food […]

Make Sponge Cake with Versatile Pondan Sponge Pandan

pondan.com – Bolu is a type of cake that has a soft texture so it is quite delicious to eat accompanied by warm tea. Those of you who like to eat this type of sponge cake will certainly be more complete if you can make it yourself at home. For that you don’t need to […]

Chocolate ice cream recipe with Pondan Magic Chocolate Ice Cream

pondan.com – Ice cream Chocolate is one of the most loved foods by many people. The sweet, soft, and creamy taste makes ice cream a favorite for dessert. The recipe Chocolate ice cream is also quite simple and easy to do at home. Especially by using Pondan Magic Ice Cream Chocolate, which makes it easier […]

Practical and Delicious, Tips for Making Healthy Pondan Muffins

pondan.com – When in free time, of course, many people like to make delicious snacks so they don’t get bored easily. One of them is making healthy Pondan muffins in the style of home-made snacks that are recommended for your beloved family. Even so, many think that muffins are not good for eating too much. […]

Tips for Storing Pondan Cakes in the Refrigerator, Keep it Soft and Delicious

pondan.com – Not infrequently to eat cake can not run out in a day so you have to save it to make it more durable. One of them keeps it in the refrigerator, although it is not uncommon for cake Pondan to be runny and stale. That way, leftover cakes will be wasted and have […]

Pudding Recipe with Pondan Pudding Powder Chocolate Flan Pouch

pondan.com – In this summer season, eating pudding in the afternoon becomes a pleasure. Especially if the pudding has layers of flavors, and is cold when served. Pondan provides Chocolate Pudding Flan Pouch powder which makes it easier for us to make the pudding. So here’s a chocolate pudding recipe that you can make using […]

Delicious Recipe for Pondan Blackforest Cake Mix

pondan.com – Blackforest is quite a favorite cake served for birthday cakes or other celebrations. You can also make your own blackforest cake at home, without having to buy it at a cake shop. Especially with the Pondan Blackforest Cake Mix which makes it easy to make this cake. Here are the raw materials and […]

Pondan Passcafe’s Original Style Coffee Shop

pondan.com – In recent years various coffee shops which serves drinks with various processed coffees, which have various types and flavors. Sometimes, not only a variety of coffee drinks are served, but also various kinds of juices, processed teas, and various other types of drinks are also provided. The prices sold also vary, depending on […]