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Enjoying Rice Flour

pondan.com – You must be familiar with market food, cakes coated with rice flour. As the name suggests, the main ingredient for this wet cake dough is rice flour. Laiser cake is one of Indonesian specialties which is very popular among the people. Its specialty is having two or more layers of different colors. Usually […]

Enjoying Nastar Cakes All Year Long

pondan.com – Enjoying pineapple cakes, who doesn’t know pineapple cakes? Nastar cakes are often encountered on big holidays. Like on Eid, the thing that must be in the jar is nastar. It’s like something is missing if there isn’t this round cake. Behind a culture there must be nastar on Eid day, there is a […]

Make a Simple Pondan Brownies Cake

pondan.com – There are many processes for making cakes with Pondan brownies that are simple. The procedure is also not difficult enough for cake makers to do. You only need 2 ingredients when you want to make the brownies. This stage is certainly not a difficult process. Even to be able to make brownies, you […]

Easy and Tasty Pondan Premix Martabak

pondan.com – Martabak Premix is a snack made from flour with lots of toppings that you can choose according to your taste. You can make this food which is very popular and very much loved by Indonesian people, easily in your kitchen from now on using products from Pondan. This food is really delicious served […]

Soft Ice Cream, Suitable for Opening a New Business

pondan.com – Making soft ice cream and delicious is of course not an easy thing to make. Especially for beginners who are still learning, of course it’s not easy to get soft ice cream results right away. Ice Cream is a food that is in demand by all ages, from children to adults. As we […]

How to Make Sago Flour Layer Cake

pondan.com – Did you know that kue lapis, a typical Indonesian food, can now be made easily. This is because there is a foundation coated with sago flour, which can simplify the process of making a layer cake. The unique and delicious taste of layer cake, a traditional Indonesian dish that you can easily prepare. […]

Delicious and Practical Pandan Coated Black Glutinous Steamed Brownies

pondan.com – Brownies Steamed Glutinous Black Coated Pandan is the umpteenth variation of the brownie cake trend in Indonesia, its delicious taste is perfect to be enjoyed anytime. The flour from this Pondan product is flour made from selected black glutinous rice, so the taste of course won’t disappoint. In this article, we will discuss […]

Brownies & Cookies Mix That You Can Enjoy Anytime

pondan.com – Brownies & Cookies Mix is a sweet food that is loved by almost everyone, because eating sweet foods will certainly make you feel happy and raise your bad mood. Brownies itself is a cake that is very filled with chocolate and is very popular today. Currently, the Pondan brand also presents brownies with […]

Cake Premix Review from Baked Pondan Black Forest Products

pondan.com – Many people now find it easier to make cakes with Baked black forest Pondan. Of course, some people who have used it give quite an interesting expectation when you use it to make the cake. Therefore, you want to learn how to make delicious cakes. Of course, you can pay attention to the […]

Review of Making Soes Cake Pondan

pondan.com – Making Pondan soes cakeof course not a process that is difficult to do. Those of you who have tried it are also sure that many will say it is quite simple when making it. Therefore, you can understand people’s judgments. When going to make soes cake, of course there are some ingredients that […]