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Bika Ambon Pondan Cake Mix Recipe

pondan.com – Bika Ambon is a cake that has a unique characteristic, which is bright yellow and nest-shaped. Find Bika ambon, made from starch mixed with coconut milk, sugar and eggs. The Origins of Bika Ambon If you think Bika Ambon is from Ambon, you are not alone. This is because the name Bika Ambon […]

PONDAN Vanilla Cupcakes for Your Cake Dough

pondan.com – Cupcakes are one of the most favorite cakes served in the family. Moreover, if you use quality materials with the appropriate content. PONDAN with its special variant vanilla cupcake will be the perfect blend for your cupcakes. With this special variant from PONDAN, of course it will be able to help you make […]

Advantages of Multipurpose Steamed Sponge Pondan

pondan.com – There are many advantages provided by the versatile steamed Pondan Bolu that you can enjoy. There are even some things that say that Pondan has advantages for the users who use it. From these advantages, many people choose Pondan products over others. For that, you have to understand what makes Pondan products enjoyable […]

Pondan Rose Steamed Sponge Cake is easy to make and tastes delicious

pondan.com – Rose Steamed Sponge we often meet in market snacks, cake shops, and several other food and snack shops. Sometimes this steamed cake is also often served at events such as weddings and recitations Sponge Cake is a steamed sponge cake that is very popular and has been known for a long time. When […]

Vla Pondan Vanilla Pudding 50gr

pondan.com – Have you ever made pudding but failed because the texture of the pudding was hard or maybe very chewy like nutrijell? If so, maybe there are ingredients that you haven’t added, even in excessive amounts? This time, try making Vla Pudding Vanilla Pondan using the exact recipe this time! If you try it […]

The Delicious Strawberry Silky Pudding Flan Recipe!

pondan.com – Are you confused about what kind of dessert you want to make? If so, then you must try the newest recipe in the form of the most delicious bulky strawberry flan pudding. Pudding that is full of tenderness, will surely arouse your appetite to continue eating, isn’t it. This is also very suitable […]

Pondan Strawberry Mix Pudding, Instant Pudding that’s Easy to Create

pondan.com – Who doesn’t know about pudding? Yes, this one dessert is a food that almost everyone likes. The way to make it is quite easy to do, like how to make pudding mix strawberry from Pondan which I will discuss on this occasion. If you usually make pudding using jelly or plain agar which […]

Chocolate Sponge Cake, One of the Softest Cakes for the Family

pondan.com – Sponge Cake Chocolate is a cake variant that is famous for its soft texture and delicious taste. This cake is made from ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and chocolate, which are mixed and processed into cake batter. Sponge cake chocolate is famous for its sweet and slightly bitter taste due to […]

Pondan Pudding Mix Vanilla: Easy and Practical Instant Pudding

pondan.com – Pondan Pudding Mix Vanilla is an instant pudding product that offers convenience and practicality for pudding makers at home. With quality ingredients, Pondan Pudding Mix Vanilla ensures delicious and fresh pudding results. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of Pondan Pudding Mix Vanilla and the easy way to make it! Rich, […]

Enjoy Super Soft Vanilla Pudding Flan Pouch Right Now!

pondan.com – Want to make sweets, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying ingredients? If so, then this pudding flan pouch is the solution. You can make your own sweetened food menu creatively in the style of five stars, you know. The materials needed are also not much, in fact it […]