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FOUNDER OF BROWNIES | pondan.com – Who on earth dare to refuse a delicious brownies topped with almonds? The cake that named after its color is a baked snack from the United States. The recipe already exists from the 20th century. But no one knows for sure how this cake was found. FOUNDER OF BROWNIES […]

Sandwich Brownie Cookie

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of 400 gr Pondan Brownies Cookies 2 tablespoons of wheat flour 1 egg 100 gr margarine 50 gr butter Chopped beans GARNISH Pondan Whip cream Melted chocolate Strawberry Mint leaves HOW TO MAKE Whisk margarine and butter for ± 2 minutes with a mixer at high speed Add the egg and whisk […]

Brownies Steamed Tips

Brownies is a cake that is already very famous in the culinary world. It’s sweet and legit makes this one food favored by all walks of life, including children. Moms and sis  now can make their own by using the premix flour from Pondan, but we want to share tips also that may be moms […]