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Create Mainstay Menus With Bulky Talam Rice 800g

pondan.com – One product that you can try is Bulky Talam Nasi 800g. but with the new packaging, you can easily create various types of your favorite food recipes. Especially if you are a person who wants to be practical and fast. This dish is suitable for eating in your spare time with family or […]

Various Creations from Pondan Original Bulky Pancakes

pondan.com – The shape is almost like a sweet martabak. But the size is thinner and smaller, that’s Pancakes. Have you ever tried to taste it? Usually this dish is combined with chocolate or strawberry ice cream Currently there are various ingredients available for making pancakes, one of which is quite popular, namely Bulky Pancake […]

This is How to Make Blackforest from Steamed Bulky Blackforest

pondan.com – Blackforest is one type of cake which until now has a lot of enthusiasts. It’s just that how to make it is not as easy as imagined. However, luckily now there is bulky blackforest steamed. With this cake flour, it will be easier for you to make blackforest . To be able to […]

6 Main Ingredients of New Packaged Bulky Tofu Premix from Pondan

pondan.com – Tofu flower is a typical Japanese and Chinese culinary which is quite a favorite for the Indonesian people’s tongue. Especially if you already know the benefits of beancurd. Bulky beancurd premix new packaging from Pondan is an instant solution for people who like this culinary delight. A practical premix from Pondan to make […]

Sponge Cake Mix Chocolate Suitable For Any Atmosphere

pondan.com – Sponge Cake Mix Chocolate is a food that is suitable for all occasions, especially when the family is together, wouldn’t it be great fun to eat chocolate food when gathering with family? You can make this cake from Pondan easily because Pondan has prepared the ingredients so it can make you feel like […]

The Sensation of Eating Fried Meatballs, Fried Using Fried Meatball Seasoning Flour

pondan.com – The pleasure of homemade fried meatballs made using fried meatball seasoning flour pondan. All fried foods tend to taste better. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t like fried food. However, the sensation of crunchy taste can definitely make anyone addicted. Of course, to prepare delicious fried foods, you need flour dough which […]

Pondan as Sponge Cake Pouch Mix Chocolate Material for you

pondan.com – Here is a cake ingredient foundation to add to your cake enjoyment, namely sponge cake pouch mix chocolate which you can use as an ingredient in making sponge cake. Pondan provides this one composition for you, especially for mothers who like to make sponge cakes. The existence of a special variation of this […]

Baked Sponge Pondan is Versatile as Your Best Sponge Cake Ingredients

pondan.com – Pondan specifically for multipurpose baked spongeis here to make it easier for those of you who like to make sponge cakes. Do you like sponge cake? or even become one of your mainstay menus with your family. Even more so if you mix it with the right flour Now for the flour that […]

Pancake Mix Chocolate from PONDAN for Your Cake Dough

pondan.com – Who knew that this pancake from Pondan, namely pancake chocolate, was one of the cake flours that was quite practical when you used it. The ease of using this flour will be able to provide quite delicious pancakes with an appetizing chocolate flavor The pancake itself is a pancake made of several ingredients. […]

Original Pancake Mix Pondan which can be served for breakfast

pondan.com – Original Pancakes from pondan which may sound familiar to your ears. Pondan has processed products such as cakes, ice cream and the like which make it easier for you to cook Pondan also releases pancake products, you know.. What do you think it tastes like? This time, you can also serve Pondan products, […]