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Resep Pudding Coklat Valentine Pondan

Kreasi Pondan Pudding Coklat Valentine Pondan.com – Cucu, mari sambut hari kasih sayang dengan suguhan spesial untuk mereka yang Cucu sayangi. Bingung ingin menyajikan apa? Yuk, ikuti resep pudding coklat Valentine andalan Oma ini.⁣⁣ Bahan: 1 pouch Pudding Flan 100 gr  jus  stoberi 8 gr jus lemon 450 ml air 30 gr gula pasir Alat- […]

Independence Pudding Brownies

Independence Pudding Brownies Pondan.com – Need food ideas for Independence Day? Just mix Brownies and Pudding! Make Pondan Brownies Pouch as usual and add two layers of red and white Pondan Pudding. Let’s, make your Independence Day more lively with Pondan Brownies and Pudding! Click to watch the video, or follow the steps below : […]

Lomba Video Parodi Pondan Menangkan Go Pro Hero 6 & Kamera Canon EOS M50

Lomba Video Parodi Pondan Lomba Video Parodi Pondan Menangkan Go Pro Hero 6 & Kamera Canon EOS M50 | pondan.com – Bentar lagi lebaran kan? Mau silaturahmi nya makin asik dengan THR dan Foto-Foto pake kamera Canggih ? yuk Ikutan LOMBA VIDEO PARODI PONDAN dan menangkan Hadiah THR dan Kamera GoPro & Canon GRATIS !! Lebaran kamu […]

Brownie Ketan Hitam Pondan Coating

Ingredients: 1 pack of Pondan Brownies Kukus Ketan Hitam Lapis Pandan 3 eggs 120 mL of cooked coconut milk Coconut meat Garnish : Butter cream Pandan leaves Cherry Grated coconut Serving Instructions : Preheat the steamer with a large fire Whisk 1 ½ eggs at high speed for 2 minutes until expands Pour Pondan Brownies […]

General Mistake When Make A Cake

Making the cake is a bother easy moms and sis. You can go to the culinary school first or even self-taught while learning by doing, because by getting used to it so long you can fluently make a cake. In ancient times, cooking was a duty for every woman to be able to do so. […]