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Enjoying Nastar Cakes All Year Long

pondan.com – Enjoying pineapple cakes, who doesn’t know pineapple cakes? Nastar cakes are often encountered on big holidays. Like on Eid, the thing that must be in the jar is nastar. It’s like something is missing if there isn’t this round cake. Behind a culture there must be nastar on Eid day, there is a […]

Listen! Nastar Pondan Cake Review that Helps Make Efficient Cakes

pondan.com – Nastar cake is one of the popular pastries among the people. You can use Pondan to make these pastries more practical. This is because Pondan is a brand of Nastar cookie flour that is often used by many people. Before making a purchase, you need to know the efficiency offered by Magic Pondan. […]

Make Easy Nastar Cake at Home

pondan.com – Nastar cakes are not only suitable for serving during Eid, they are also suitable to be enjoyed relaxing and enjoying coffee. Making nastar cake is also not difficult now, the product Pondan nastar cake is available. This Pondan product provides flour with the right mixture to produce quality nastar cakes. Not only quality, […]

6 Nastar Filling Options Besides Pineapple Jam

Nastar Filling Options Besides Pineapple Jam

6 Nastar Filling Options Besides Pineapple Jam | Pondan.com – When you hear the word ‘nastar’, what do you think? Everyone must immediately imagine a golden brown round cookie filled with pineapple jam that is always present during the day of Eid. But don’t be surprised if you eventually find nastar cookies that aren’t filled […]

Discover the Origin of this Lebaran Cake

Lebaran Cake

Lebaran Cake Nastar Lebaran Cake – Pondan.com – Nastar cookies are no stranger to Indonesian taste buds. Made from a dough of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs, nastar cookies are usually round shaped with extra cloves or raisins on top. Stuffed with pineapple jam, these cookies are a necessity for big occasions, especially Eid al-Fitr. Chatting […]

3 Popular Dutch Heritage Cakes

3 Popular Dutch Heritage Cakes. Which is your favorite? Pondan.com – Thick with local flavor, unexpectedly you know mom and sis that there are cakes that are popular in Indonesia turned out to be a legacy from the Netherlands. The close history of Indonesia to the Dutch colonial era and the occurrence of cultural acculturation […]

Klepon Nastar Pondan

pondan.com – The month of Ramadan certainly cannot be separated from the name of a nastar cake, right my Grandchild?. Here, Grandma has a recipe for nastar klepon that you can try at home. INGREDIENTS: (nastar stuffing) 150 grams of palm sugar 1 tablespoon of cornstarch 150 ml of water Pandan leaf 100 gr grated […]

7 Things to Check Before Buying Nastar

buying nastar

7 Things to Check Before Buying Nastar | Pondan.com – Lebaran is getting closer but maybe you are too busy to make your own cookies. Fortunately ready-to-eat cookies for Eid can be found in markets and supermarkets. You just pick one or two then pay at the cash register. Unfortunately, in order to attract buyers, […]

How To Make Nastar Without An Oven

Make Nastar Without An Oven

Make Nastar Without An Oven – Pondan.com – Ramadan is the month of change. Not only in terms of religion, but this time is also fit for trying new things, especially something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, such as baking nastar cookies for Lebaran. You even have a month to practice. Don’t […]