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Soft Ice Cream, Suitable for Opening a New Business

pondan.com – Making soft ice cream and delicious is of course not an easy thing to make. Especially for beginners who are still learning, of course it’s not easy to get soft ice cream results right away. Ice Cream is a food that is in demand by all ages, from children to adults. As we […]

Homemade Healthy Fruit Ice Cream Creations

pondan.com – Ice Cream is a favorite food for children or adults, because Ice Cream has an image of a sweet and fresh taste when eaten, especially when served cold, of course, makes everyone addicted to eating it. However, if this ice cream is consumed excessively, it is also not good, of course, because the […]

Avoid These Things To Make Homemade Pondan Ice Cream Successful

pondan.com – Weekend is one of the right moments to relax with family. However, quality time with family is incomplete without sweet dishes, one of which is homemade Pondan ice cream with various flavors. Pondan ice cream has several very delicious flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, neopolitan, green beans, plain yogurt, durian, chocolate and Mocca […]

Ice Cream Sachet 75g, Easy Way to Make Ice Cream

pondan.com – Ice cream is one of my favourites. This community food with a soft and cold texture accompanied by various flavors will be quite delicious to eat when the air is warm or even when you are in a bad mood. Those of you who like to eat ice cream at home will certainly […]

Mocca Ice Cream Recipe with Pondan Magic Ice Cream Mocca

pondan.com – To make delicious and soft ice cream is not too difficult. Especially with the PondanMagic Ice Cream Mocca, which makes it easier for us to make ice cream. But what needs to be considered here is the patience when making it. Because at the time of making ice mocca cream this requires repeated […]

Pay Attention to 5 Mistakes When Making Homemade Pondan Ice Cream

pondan.com – Who doesn’t love ice cream? Of course, many people of all ages love ice cream. Even though you can make your own, there are still many mistakes you make when making Pondan ice cream at home. Usually these errors are considered trivial or minor, but one error can affect the result later. So, […]

Easy and Anti-melting, 4 Tips for Making Soft Pondan Ice Cream

pondan.com – Who likes ice cream? Of course, most people would like this one snack. No wonder many are curious to make delicious, soft, and practical pondan ice cream. One ​​of people’s favorite foods, now there are various types of ice cream out there at affordable prices. However, there’s nothing wrong with trying to make […]

Tips for Making Anti-Fail Ice Cream

pondan.com – Consuming ice cream is most appropriate when the air is hot. No wonder many people buy ice to relieve the heat of the sun. But, instead of having to buy, it’s better to make your own ice cream. For that, see how to make fail-proof ice cream below. You can try the tips […]

Pondan Blackforest Milkshake

Pondan.com – So, who wants to drink cold drink now? Because I have Pondan Blackforest Milkshake recipe that you can try to make.⁣ It is easy and yummy! The first time you taste it is really sweet. Pondan Blackforest Milkshake is the good choice for your family to enjoy your weekend together. ⁣INGREDIENTS 300 ml […]

How to Make Ice Cream at Home with 5 Tips!

Ice cream is certainly among everyone’s favorite dessert. Its cold and soft texture, combined with various sweet tastes that it usually comes with, has made ice cream the ‘prima donna’ of cuisines. Good news for you ice cream lovers out there! Now, you won’t have to go outside to simply savor it. You can now […]