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Make Brownies Popsicles, It’s Easy!

make brownies popsicles

Make Brownies Popsicles, It’s Easy! Make Brownies Popsicles, It’s Easy | pondan.com – Want to bring something to Arisan, but confused what to bring? Want to make different snacks for the kids? Don’t worry. Mom and sis, you can make Brownies Popsicle at home. The process is really easy, let’s prepare the ingredients and follow the […]

Sandwich Brownie Cookie

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of 400 gr Pondan Brownies Cookies 2 tablespoons of wheat flour 1 egg 100 gr margarine 50 gr butter Chopped beans GARNISH Pondan Whip cream Melted chocolate Strawberry Mint leaves HOW TO MAKE Whisk margarine and butter for ± 2 minutes with a mixer at high speed Add the egg and whisk […]

Fruity Sugar Shoes

INGREDIENTS  1 pack of Pondan Kue Soes 5 egg yolks 80 mL Water 70 gr melted margarine 70 gr melted butter Peach Kiwi Grapes Strawberry Cherry GARNISH Pondan Whip cream Refined sugar Chocolate Strawberry HOW TO MAKE : Preheat oven 200C Whisk 4 eggs for ± 1 minute at medium speed mixer Add 80 ml […]

How To Make Vanilla Sponge Cake / Oreo Cupcake

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of 400 gr Pondan Vanilla Sponge Cake flour 6 eggs 150 gr melted margarine Oreo GARNISH Butter cream (vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, orange, pandan) Chocolate Rainbow sprinkle Green tea stick Chocolate Caramel sugar SERVING INSTRUCTIONS Whisk eggs at high speed for ± 2 minutes until expands. Pour Pondan Vanilla Sponge flour and whisk […]

Green Beans Ice Cream With Mango Sauce

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of 150 gr Pondan Magic Ice Cream flour 300 mL of cold water Manggo sauce Boiled kacang hijau or green beans Cone GARNISH Pondan whip cream Peach Kiwi Strawberry Green tea stick Cherry Mint leaves HOW TO MAKE Prepare cold water (mix water with ice cube, wait until the temperature is cold), […]

How To Make Ice Cream Mocha

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of flour pondan magic Ice Cream 150 gr 300 mL Ice Water TOPPING Whip cream pondan Astor Almond Liquid chocolate Cheery Fruits Leaves Mint HOW TO MAKE Prepare ice water (mix the water with ice cubes, wait until the temperature is light), measure with exactly 300 mL of ice water. Mix the […]

Layer Mango Pudding

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of Pondan Puding flan mango 130 gr 600 mL Boiling Water (For Pudding) Chocolate sponge cake Pondan 1 pack of jelly orange mango pieces square cut vla vanilla TOPPING Whip cream Pondan Mango Fruit Strawberry Fruit Cheery Fruit Leave mint HOW TO MAKE Prepare exactly 600 mL of boiling water and then […]

Strawberry Cheese Pancakes

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of Pondan Pancake cheese 250 gr 175 mL water 2 eggs TOPPING Whip cream Pondan grated cheese Strawberry Fruit Stawberry Jam HOW TO MAKE Heat Teflon for 2 minutes with low heat Mix Pondan Pancake cheese, water, and egg into one into a bowl Beat the ingredients using the mixer until evenly […]

Mini Martabak Variety

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of Pondan martabak 400 gr 2 pieces of egg yolks 20 gr margarine / liquid butter boiled water TOPPING Grated cheese Chocolate jam, strawberries Brown meses and colorful meses Roasted beans are chopped HOW TO MAKE Shake flour Pondan martabak, egg yolk and 350 mL water with medium speed mixer for 10 […]

Orange Mandarin Bika Ambon

INGREDIENTS : 1 pack of Pondan Bika ambon 400 gr 6 eggs (3 eggs and 3 egg yolks) 12 grams of instant yeast (in packaging) 50 mL water 25 gr liquide margarine 300 mL thick coconut milk grated lemon skin (to taste) TOPPING : Mandarin orange Red Cherry Mint Leaves HOW TO MAKE :  Add […]