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Tips for Coffee-Style Cafe at Home with Pondan

pondan.com – The term coffee is now often an activity that is carried out by various groups, especially young people. But unfortunately, many feel that this coffee activity is too expensive because they have to go to a Cafe or a coffee shop outside the home. Basically you can Cafe-style coffee at home without having […]

Tips and Tricks for Making Homemade Japanese Pancakes Anti-Fail, One of them Must Use Pondan!

pondan.com – Pancakes are one of the typical Japanese foods that are quite popular in Indonesia and are even easy to find which are sold in several restaurants. For those of you who are located quite far from a restaurant that sells Japanese-style homemade pancakes, then you can make your own. Making pancakes is not […]

Homemade Healthy Fruit Ice Cream Creations

pondan.com – Ice Cream is a favorite food for children or adults, because Ice Cream has an image of a sweet and fresh taste when eaten, especially when served cold, of course, makes everyone addicted to eating it. However, if this ice cream is consumed excessively, it is also not good, of course, because the […]

3 Pondan Cookies For Family Gathering

pondan.com – Family gatherings are often held to celebrate important moments in the family. To make this family gathering more intimate, Pondan pastries are often chosen as a regular snack. Pondan Pastry Options Cookies are indeed very suitable to be used as snacks during group events because they are small and easy to eat. However, […]

Tips for making easy and attractive tarts to look at

pondan.com – Tarts are sweet-tasting snacks made in two stages of processing. The first step begins with making a basic tart which has a crunchy texture, savory taste, softness from the main ingredients of wheat flour and butter. Next, make the tart filling, the main ingredient is cream which can be created with additional ingredients […]

Sponge Cake Mix Chocolate Pondan Recipe Anti-Fail And Complicated

pondan.com – Sponge Cake is one of the desserts that is usually served on certain occasions such as weddings, celebrations or even birthdays. This is because sponge cake is one dish that is quite popular and liked by the public. In addition, how to make Pondan Chocolate Cake Mix Sponge is very easy. Pondan sponge […]

Unique, Here are 2 Recipes for Making Anti-Fail Pandan Moss Pudding

pondan.com – One of the fun activities to spend the weekend with the family is making snacks such as Pondan moss pudding. Here are the 2 best recipes for making moss pudding at home very practically 2 Best Moss Pondan Pudding Recipes To make the process of making this moss pudding easier, you need to […]

Here’s a Recommendation for Pondan-style Arisan Dishes that Can Be Your Inspiration

pondan.com – The social gathering event is one of the events that is regularly held by various groups. Among the series of preparations for the social gathering event, choosing the food to be provided is quite a priority. For those of you who also often feel this way, choosing some Pondan-style social gathering dishes can […]

Avoid These Things To Make Homemade Pondan Ice Cream Successful

pondan.com – Weekend is one of the right moments to relax with family. However, quality time with family is incomplete without sweet dishes, one of which is homemade Pondan ice cream with various flavors. Pondan ice cream has several very delicious flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, neopolitan, green beans, plain yogurt, durian, chocolate and Mocca […]

Iced Kopi Susu Regal Can Be a Contemporary Coffee Business Idea

pondan.com – Coffee is one of the drinks that are commonly enjoyed by various groups in Indonesia. Various types of beverage creations that can be made from coffee and can be used as a contemporary coffee business field, one of which is Es Kopi Susu Regal. Creation of Coffee Drinks, Regal Milk Iced Coffee as […]