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Pondan Pudding Cake Creation

Pondan Pudding Cake Creation Pondan.com –Grandchildren like pudding and brownies? Here, Oma has a delicious and unique pudding cake recipe. This Pudding Cake combines two sweet desserts into a beautiful cake. Grandchildren can taste fresh pudding and soft brownies that are legit at the same time. Grandchildren are curious about the recipe? grandma, let me […]

Bubble Pudding Choco Cake Recipe

INGREDIENTS 2 packs of 150 gr Pondan Vanilla Pudding Mix 1 L of water (1 pack of 500 mL Pudding Mix) Red, green and orange jelly (round shape) Pondan Black Forest cake cut into squares GARNISH Chocolate custard flan (inside the pack). Pour flour chocolate custard flan (inside the pack) with 50 ml of boiling […]