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Unique, Here are 2 Recipes for Making Anti-Fail Pandan Moss Pudding

pondan.com – One of the fun activities to spend the weekend with the family is making snacks such as Pondan moss pudding. Here are the 2 best recipes for making moss pudding at home very practically 2 Best Moss Pondan Pudding Recipes To make the process of making this moss pudding easier, you need to […]

Make Dessert From Pudding A la Restaurant and Cafe

pondan.com – Dissert or commonly known as pudding, is indeed in great demand from all walks of life, both children, teenagers and even adults. Its sweet, chewy and soft taste often makes many people addicted to always eating it. Whether in your spare time while relaxing or at work, this pudding is never wrong to […]

3 Important Things in Making Pondan Pudding that is Spongy and Anti-Damage

pondan.com – When you gather with your beloved family, it is not uncommon for you to find it difficult to choose a suitable and preferred snack menu. For that, one of the mainstay menus that you can serve is Pondan pudding which is delicious, chewy, and nutritious. Even though it is relatively easy, there are […]

Come on, Make the Family’s Favorite Vanilla Mix Pudding!

pondan.com – Pudding has always been a favorite dish for families, especially children. Its chewy texture, mixed with melted vla, makes the pudding mix vanilla even more delicious. Not only suitable for family events, you can also serve pudding on formal occasions as a dessert. To produce a fail-proof vanilla pudding mix, you may have […]

Let’s Get To Know The Kinds Of Delicious Pudding For Iftar Menu

pondan.com – The month of Ramadan is here with us, of course, one of the iconic things during Ramadan is the variety of creative types of food for the iftar menu. Maybe you can see around where you are very many people busy selling in the afternoon and offering a variety of delicious food and […]

What Pudding Actually Means in Different Countries

For those of you who enjoy searching pudding recipes from all around the world, perhaps it is no surprise for you to know that a pudding can actually mean so many different things. Yes, it turns out that the term “pudding” can indeed refer to a variety of foods with different shapes and textures in […]

Brownies Pudding Pondan

pondan.com – Ahead of this holiday, Grandma has prepared a dessert recipe that you can try to welcome the new year with her beloved family. This sweet creation, is called brownies pudding. So, the ingredients are from pudding, but it looks and tastes like brownies. Curious about how to make it like? INGREDIENTS 1 pouch […]

Foam Pudding Pondan

pondan.com – Have you ever tried the delicious foam pudding yet? If not, it’s better to try to make it yourself with Grandma’s newest recipe. INGREDIENTS 1 pcs of Pondan Sponge Cake Vanilla Pouch 3 eggs 75 grams of melted butter 1 pouch of Pondan Pudding Flan Vanilla 2 egg whites 250 ml of boiling […]

Simple yet Tasty! Here are 5 Facts about Dessert Box

Who here has never heard about dessert box? This particular sweet dish is indeed very popular among many people nowadays. Aside from its popularity, there must be many other reasons why this dish becomes well-known. Let’s take a look at some facts about dessert box that helped launch its popularity. 1. A Combination of Different […]

Banana Pudding Kolak Pondan

Pondan.com – My gandchild, I have new recipe banana pudding kolak where have you try for break your fast. So, let’s prepare the ingridients and make it for your family. INGREDIENTS: 1 pouch Pudding Vanilla Pondan Pudding 2 eggs ¼ teaspoon of pandan paste 450 cc of pandanus boiled water 200 ml of water 200 […]