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Pondan Pudding Cake Creation

Pondan Pudding Cake Creation Pondan.com –Grandchildren like pudding and brownies? Here, Oma has a delicious and unique pudding cake recipe. This Pudding Cake combines two sweet desserts into a beautiful cake. Grandchildren can taste fresh pudding and soft brownies that are legit at the same time. Grandchildren are curious about the recipe? grandma, let me […]

Kreasi Pudding Jeruk Pondan x Nutrisari

Kreasi Pudding Jeruk Pondan x Nutrisari Pondan.com – Cucu ingin cemilan manis dan segar untuk Imlek nanti? Nih, ada resep Pudding Jeruk dari Oma yang berkolaborasi bersama sobat Oma yang pasti nggak asing di telinga cucu sekalian, yaitu @nutrisariid. Jeruk melambangkan rezeki yang melimpah ruah, apalagi dalam bentuk utuh. Maka dari itu Oma menggunakan kulit […]

5 Unique Puddings All Around the World

Unique Puddings All Around the World

Unique Puddings All Around the World Unique Puddings All Around the World | pondan.com – Pudding is known as dessert. The taste is sweet and delicious, becomes American’s and also Indonesian favorites. But pudding in the daily lives of British citizens is actually taste savoury. What is the taste and shape of pudding in other countries? […]

Strawberry Rose Pudding

INGREDIENTS : 1 pack of Pondan Pudding Mix Strawberries 500 mL water food coloring sufficiently (red color) TOPPING : Strawberry Fruit Mint Leaves HOW TO MAKE : Boil 500 mL of water, reduce the heat and enter Pondan Puding mix the strawberries into boiling water while stirring Stir gently until it boils again Let it […]

Tips To Make The Pudding Not Easily Melt

Pudding is a very tasty and refreshing dessert menu, the sweet taste makes pudding one of the mainstay dessert that is almost favored by everyone. Pondan has various types of puddings and flavor variants, such as chocolate mix pudding and instant flan pudding, it tastes as diverse as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and mango make us […]

Bubble Pudding Choco Cake Recipe

INGREDIENTS 2 packs of 150 gr Pondan Vanilla Pudding Mix 1 L of water (1 pack of 500 mL Pudding Mix) Red, green and orange jelly (round shape) Pondan Black Forest cake cut into squares GARNISH Chocolate custard flan (inside the pack). Pour flour chocolate custard flan (inside the pack) with 50 ml of boiling […]