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How to Make Chocolate Pancake


How to Make Chocolate Pancake How to Make Chocolate Pancake – Pondan.com – Pancakes are pancakes made from wheat flour, eggs, sugar and milk. Which in Dutch is called Pannenkoek. The ingredients are mixed with water by forming a thick dough fried over a flat pan or pan spread with butter. In today’s world, we ourselves […]

Tips To Make The Pudding Not Easily Melt

Pudding is a very tasty and refreshing dessert menu, the sweet taste makes pudding one of the mainstay dessert that is almost favored by everyone. Pondan has various types of puddings and flavor variants, such as chocolate mix pudding and instant flan pudding, it tastes as diverse as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and mango make us […]

How To Make Pudding Chocolate

Pudding is one of a kind from a wide selection of dessert or dessert. Puddings can be made by steaming, baking and boiling. Depending on what pudding you want moms and sis to make. Based on ingredients and how to cook it, pudding consists of 2 types: Puddings with thickening ingredients such as gelatin or […]