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Martabak Roll

Martabak Roll   Pondan.com – My grandchild, do you like eat martabak? The heated martabak is the right choice for cold weather. So, I have recipe to make unique martabak where you can follow. ⁣ Ingredients : 1 box of Pondan Martabak 2 egg yolks 500 ml of water 20 g of margarine, melted Sugar […]

Pondan Pudding Cake Creation

Pondan Pudding Cake Creation Pondan.com –Grandchildren like pudding and brownies? Here, Oma has a delicious and unique pudding cake recipe. This Pudding Cake combines two sweet desserts into a beautiful cake. Grandchildren can taste fresh pudding and soft brownies that are legit at the same time. Grandchildren are curious about the recipe? grandma, let me […]

Putu Roll Cake Creations

Putu Roll Cake Creations Pondan.com –Is there anyone who misses eating sweet, savory Putu cookies? Now you can make it at home using Pondan Chiffon Pandan. Putu cookies are printed and steamed using bamboo, so they form a tube cake. This cake is usually sold in the afternoon and accompanied by a distinctive whistling sound. […]

Tres Leches, Milkbath Cake

Tres Leches, Soft Milkbath Cake From Mexico Pondan.com – Who doesn’t like milk? Especially when mixed with the soft sponge cake. It must sound delicious. A Mexican dish made from pieces of vanilla-scented sponge cake marinated by 3 types of milk, then topped with whipped cream or meringue decorations. It is unclear how this cake […]

5 Tricks to Make Healthy yet Delicious Muffins

Make Healthy yet Delicious Muffins

5 Tricks to Make Healthy yet Delicious Muffins 5 Tricks to Make Healthy yet Delicious Muffins | pondan.com – Muffins at the bakery are surely delicious, but the homemade muffins are much healthier. You can add various ingredients into the muffin batter and control everything as desired. Need tips to make good and tasty muffins? Here […]

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Muffin

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Muffin

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Muffin 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Muffin | pondan.com – Who likes to eat muffins for breakfast? A bread that looks like a cupcake has enough nutrition to be your energy to start the day. But sometimes it’s boring if you eat the same muffins everytime. Let’s upgrade your muffin in […]

Making Strawberry Pudding

For strawberry enthusiasts, would be happy with the food that has a sweet taste and taste the strawberries. Cobain makes strawberry pudding Ala Pondan ROSE PUDDING STRAWBERRY INGREDIENTS : 1 pack Pondan pudding mix 500 mL water Food coloring to taste (red color) TOPPING :  Strawberry Fruit Mint Leaves HOW TO MAKE :  Bring to […]

Orange Mandarin Bika Ambon

INGREDIENTS : 1 pack of Pondan Bika ambon 400 gr 6 eggs (3 eggs and 3 egg yolks) 12 grams of instant yeast (in packaging) 50 mL water 25 gr liquide margarine 300 mL thick coconut milk grated lemon skin (to taste) TOPPING : Mandarin orange Red Cherry Mint Leaves HOW TO MAKE :  Add […]

How to Make Chocolate Pancake


How to Make Chocolate Pancake How to Make Chocolate Pancake – Pondan.com – Pancakes are pancakes made from wheat flour, eggs, sugar and milk. Which in Dutch is called Pannenkoek. The ingredients are mixed with water by forming a thick dough fried over a flat pan or pan spread with butter. In today’s world, we ourselves […]

Banana Muffin Vanilla

MUFFIN VANILLA INGREDIENTS 1 pack of 400 gr Pondan Vanilla Muffin 200 gr mashed banana 3 eggs 2 ml of vegetable oil 3 grams of baking soda 4 grams of Spekuk condiment GARNISH Slices of banana Grated cheese Butter cream Red Cherry SERVING INSTRUCTIONS Preheat the oven to 200°C Mix the Pondan Vanilla Muffin flour, […]