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5 Types of Sweet Martabak

5 Types of Sweet Martabak That You Will Like Pondan.com – Mom & sis must be familiar with sweet martabak. Everyone’s favorite snack, also known as Terang Bulan, is easy to find. Many sweet martabak are sold everywhere, from street vendors to contemporary modern shops. With the characteristics of legit stuffing, sweet martabak today also […]

Durian Ice Cream

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of 150 gr Pondan Magic Ice Cream Durian Flavor 300 mL of cold water GARNISH Pondan whip cream Cherry Mint leaves SERVING INTRUCTIONS / HOW TO MAKE Whisk 300 ml of cold water and 150 grams of ice cream durian flavor flour with mixer at high speed for 5-10 minutes until the […]

How To Make Donut Satay Pondan

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of 350 gr Pondan Indo Donut 3 egg yolks 125 mL of water 60 gr margarine GARNISH Melted chocolate Meses Grated cheese Chocolate stick HOW TO MAKE Pour 1 pack of instant yeast (inside the pack) into a measuring cup contains 125 mL Mix all ingredients (Pondan Indo donuts flour, egg yolks, […]

Black Forest Cup

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of Pondan black forest 400 gr 6 eggs 150 g liquid margarine chocolate paste (in packaging) TOPPING : Whip cream Pondan Dark Chocolate Cherry Red Cherry Mint Leaves HOW TO MAKE : Preheat oven (200 ° C) Beat eggs for 2 minutes until fluffy Enter the flour Pondan black forest, then shake […]

Black Forest Rolls

INGREDIENTS 1 pack Pondan Black Forest Cake Flour 400 gr 6 whole eggs + 4 yolks only 150 g liquid margarine 100 gr butter of liquid perfume Chocolate paste (contained in the package) GARNISH 1 pack Cake Powder Pondan Whip Cream 250 cc ice water 250 gr tan block (shrink) Cherry that has been cut […]