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Baked Pondan Tiramisu, A Fail-Proof Solution for Beginners

pondan.com – Tiramisu is a delicious Italian dessert cake. A luxurious and elegant taste is one of the uniqueness of this cake. To make it certainly not easy for beginners. However, if you still want to try it would be better to use instant cake premix flour. In the following, we will discuss Baked Pondan […]

Pondan Baked Tiramisu

pondan.com – My grandchild, do you believe? Now, you can make Pondan Baked Tiramisu cake by yourself because I have the recipe. I can make sure the result will be delicious and easy. INGREDIENTS 4 eggs 1 box of Pondan Tiramisu Panggang 100 gr of melted butter 200 ml of cold water 100 ml of […]

Who Invented Tiramisu?

Tiramisu | Pondan.com – Do you need something sweets to completed the gathering with your friends? You can choose sweet and light desserts, like tiramisu. However, do you know when and how the delicious treat was created? Let’s take a look at the short history below. From Italy Tiramisu in Italian means ‘pick me up’. […]