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6 Main Ingredients of New Packaged Bulky Tofu Premix from Pondan

pondan.com – Tofu flower is a typical Japanese and Chinese culinary which is quite a favorite for the Indonesian people’s tongue. Especially if you already know the benefits of beancurd. Bulky beancurd premix new packaging from Pondan is an instant solution for people who like this culinary delight. A practical premix from Pondan to make […]

Tofu Crispy Balls

pondan.com –  Are you needing a snack at leisure time? Let’s try to make tofu crispy balls using Grandma new recipe! INGREDIENTS 300 gr of white tofu 2 eggs 1 box of Pondan Bakso Goreng Unifood Quail eggs Noodle crumbs TOOLS Bowl Fork Spoon Pan INSTRUCTIONS First, put 300 grams of white tofu in a […]