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No Hoax, Review of Original Whip Cream from Pondan

pondan.com – For some people, making their own whip cream does take a long time, hasn’t failed, and doesn’t use up ingredients. Even though whip cream or whipped cream can be used for various types of food and drinks. With these problems, Pondan presents whip cream flour that is no less delicious than made manually. […]

Pondan Whip Cream Uses, Not Just for Cakes

pondan.com – There are various types of Pondan products that you can easily find at minimarkets or other outlets. One of them is Pondan Whip Cream which is usually used to decorate cakes so that they are more beautiful and delicious. Maybe many people think that this whip is only useful for topping or decorating […]

5 Uses of Whipped Cream

In addition for cake, here are 5 uses of whipped cream pondan.com – Mom & sis certainly agree that it’s incomplete if you don’t decorate the cake with whipped cream. White and soft cream will certainly add to the appeal and appearance of a cake for anyone who looks at it. Whipped cream is a cream […]