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Tips for Making Soft Whipped Cream that You Must Pay Attention to

pondan.com – Cake lovers, of course, are familiar with the cream that usually coats the inside and outside of the cake, namely whipped cream. Whipped cream or whipped cream is made from a mixture of heavy cream accompanied by sugar and can be added with milk. Paying attention to tips for making the right whipped […]

History of Whip Cream

pondan.com – Whipped cream or what is often called whipped cream has indeed become a mandatory topping when decorating sponge cakes. Not only sponge or cake, whip cream can also apparently be used to decorate drinks. Its soft texture and taste that is not too sweet is indeed addictive, especially when mixed with other ingredients […]

5 Uses of Whipped Cream

In addition for cake, here are 5 uses of whipped cream pondan.com – Mom & sis certainly agree that it’s incomplete if you don’t decorate the cake with whipped cream. White and soft cream will certainly add to the appeal and appearance of a cake for anyone who looks at it. Whipped cream is a cream […]