The Delicious Strawberry Silky Pudding Flan Recipe! Are you confused about what kind of dessert you want to make? If so, then you must try the newest recipe in the form of the most delicious bulky strawberry flan pudding. Pudding that is full of tenderness, will surely arouse your appetite to continue eating, isn’t it. This is also very suitable for various age groups to enjoy because the amount of sugar can be adjusted independently

The ingredients needed to make it are also very easy to find, but it’s rare for anyone to make it according to a five-star style restaurant. For that, you should be able to try it. How to make it is actually easy, it’s just that it takes accuracy in the dosage needed for maximum results.

The following are the ingredients needed to make this Strawberry Flan Bulky Pudding:

  • Sugar according to measure
  • White powdered milk
  • Carrageen Gel Forming
  • Stabilizer from vegetable ingredients
  • Synthetic Strawberry Flavor
  • Strawberry food coloring (tartrazine CI No. 19140, red FCF CI no. 15985).

Now, from these ingredients adjust to the measure of how bulky strawberry flan pudding you want to make. Adjust to the dosage which you think is right. The steps themselves are quite easy. You can start with the steps below:

Steps for making Strawberry Bully Pudding:

  1. Prepare boiling water.
  2. Measure boiling water with a measure of approximately 450 cc into a large bowl container
  3. Pour the Instant Pudding powder little by little into the boiling water while stirring for ± 4 minutes until it is evenly distributed and there are no lumps.
  4. Add the ingredients that are also needed beforehand and mix thoroughly.
  5. Pour the pudding into the prepared cup.
  6. After that, let it simmer until the pudding hardens. When it’s not hot, put the cup filled with pudding in the refrigerator, serve cold.
  7. bal The final step is take it out of the fridge and flip the cup, take out the pudding. And pudding is ready to eat.

Those are the ingredients needed to make this bulky strawberry flan pudding along with a review on how to make it. Hopefully with this, you can also make your little one hungry when eating. Happy making and happy creating!

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