The Origin and Types of Pancakes From Various Countries – Do you like to enjoy pancake dishes? Pancakes themselves are a menu that is served as a breakfast menu in western countries, but now many Indonesians also make pancakes as a snack or breakfast, there are quite a few pancake recipes that you can try using ingredients you have at home.

The Origin of Pancakes

Although it has become a dish that is often encountered but not everyone knows the origin of pancakes that have existed for centuries, according to historians, pancakes were first discovered in the 1st century by the Romans, before being known as pancakes at that time her name was Alita. Dolcia, Alita Dolcia means sweet food with a combination of milk dough; eggs and flour, all the dough ingredients are then baked using a flat pan and then added sweet pancake toppings such as honey or fruit.

Starting in 1430, pancakes became popular as a special food for residents of eastern Europe, pancakes were used as a special menu served the day before Easter or often referred to as pancake tuesday, along with the development of the era pancakes were present in various countries ranging from America; Ireland; German; France to Scotland, of course, pancakes from each country have a different look.

As in France, for example, there are pancakes that are thicker and more fluffy, commonly called crepes and galettes, in contrast to pancakes in America which are also known as nokehick, these American pancakes are made from soft, corn-based pancakes, although the presentation varies in different countries. every country but fans of pancakes from time to time are also increasing, here are some types of pancakes from various countries.


Maybe the name of this pancake still sounds foreign to your ears, the recipe for injera pancakes is a type of pancake originating from Africa, the presentation of injera is also unique because the dough can function as a food base so no food plates are needed, the raw materials used to make injera are flour made from teff, the dough is then cooked on a plate made of clay and then grilled over coals.

Including a type of pancake that is quite popular served as the main menu in Ethiopia and Eritrea, if usually pancakes are served with a sweet topping, unlike injera which is served with other salty dishes.

Banh Xeo

This type of pancake originating from Vietnam is made from turmeric and rice flour with a fairly thin dough shape, the name banh xeo itself is inspired by the sound produced during the cooking process, namely when pancake batter is poured on a hot pan, the presentation is also different from sweet pancakes. generally where banh xeo is served with lettuce; fish sauce and fresh herbs, then banh xeo eaten with pork; shrimp and bean sprouts.


Of course you are already familiar with this name, it turns out that pancakes are adapted from pancakes that are often consumed by Europeans, as a typical archipelago pancake made from rice flour, then pancakes are served with coconut milk topping or some are served with brown sugar sauce, Besides the sweet taste, you can find a variety of pancakes with a salty taste because they are mixed with oncom.

So which pancakes seemed the most interesting to try? Just try to be creative in making pancake recipes and enjoy them with your family at home.

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