The Pleasure of Legit Rice Flour Coating You must be familiar with market snacks, cakes coated with rice flour. As the name implies, the main ingredient of this wet cake dough is rice flour.

Layer cakes are one of the most popular Indonesian traditional foods. Its characteristic is to have two or more layers of various colors.

Commonly served at weddings and social gatherings, but you can also find it in traditional markets. The cake coated with rice flour has a chewy and soft texture in every bite.

The savory aroma of coconut milk and the aroma of pandan or suji leaves also add to the delicacy of the lapis cake. If you are a sweet lover, this wet cake is perfect to accompany your leisure time.

Pake layers are generally green, white, or red. Served in a square shape with varying thickness. However, now rice flour coated cakes have very attractive color variants and various shapes.

Most people eat each layer for the sweet taste sensation. Peeling off the layers of a layer cake is one of the attractions of a wet layer cake. This fun way not only adds to the delicacy, but also gives the experience of eating layers a lot of fun.

The combination of rice flour and coconut milk gives a very soft texture. One bite of the cake coated with rice flour gives a soft, sweet and savory sensation that is appetizing.

The colors on each layer of cake come from natural dyes and food coloring. In ancient times, the green color was obtained from suji leaves

The brown color comes from cocoa powder, and raspberry to produce the pink color.

The cake coated with rice flour has its own charm thanks to its distinctive and various colors. The dough ingredients make layer cakes with a dense texture, which can be your food to prevent hunger.

Besides, the cost is affordable for a layer cake. The cake dough consists of rice flour, coconut milk, pandan leaves, sugar, salt and cornstarch. Each layer of this cake is steamed before another layer is added on top.

Coated with rice flour a delicious snack especially served with a cup of coffee and tea.

The combination of savory and sweet flavors gives a delicious sensation in the mouth that cannot be denied.

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