The Sensation of Eating Fried Meatballs, Fried Using Fried Meatball Seasoning Flour The pleasure of homemade fried meatballs made using fried meatball seasoning flour pondan. All fried foods tend to taste better. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t like fried food. However, the sensation of crunchy taste can definitely make anyone addicted.

Of course, to prepare delicious fried foods, you need flour dough which is no less delicious. Currently, seasoning flour is available in several variants which are very convenient to use. You simply put the seasoned flour then mix it with water or rub it directly on the food to be processed

In general, the basic ingredients of seasoned flour are wheat flour which contains carbohydrates and protein. Several types of seasoned flour are also enriched with vitamins and minerals. In terms of calories, the average wheat flour contains about 120 calories per 1 ounce, while the calories in fried flour and seasoned foods can increase significantly.

Not to mention that fried foods can also cause other health risks such as obesity or dangerous heart disease. Therefore, even though it tastes good, the use of fried foods should still be limited. But if the food we consume is the result of home-made. Of course it can be guaranteed hygienic. So that it can reduce the risk of emerging diseases

Now Pondan provides Fried Meatball Seasoning Flour which is produced specifically for fried meatballs. Besides being guaranteed to be crunchy and delicious, pondan products can be obtained easily at the mini market, market, or shop closest to your home. If you are mageran, of course pondan is also available in your favorite market place.

Have you decided what you want to eat today? You can always prepare a menu by frying it, don’t forget to cover it with savory seasoning flour, of course Pondan has provided that.

With homemade meatballs, then fried with fried meatball flour dressing. Can be a delicious meal that is liked by the family at home. Enjoy togetherness with family at home while snacking pretty.

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