The Variety of Choux Pastry Beside Soes Cake

Choux Pastry is a lightweight cake mixture made from a mixture of flour, butter, eggs and water. In Indonesia, this kind of dough is used to make soes cake. But do you know mom & sis, this dough can not only be used to make soes cakes, you know. There are other choux pastry processed variations that are no less unique and interesting. Curious? Let take a look the following review.


Éclairs dengan berbagai rasa - [ via ]
Éclairs dengan berbagai rasa – [ via ]
Eclairs are similar to soes, only the shape is made elongated elongated. If the usual soes  are filled with vla, Eclairs are generally filled with chocolate, vanilla or coffee cream. Eclairs in French also means lightning. It is said that this name was given because of the chocolate icing splash on the top of the cake which always looks like a flash.



Gougères dengan keju Gruyere - [ via ]
Gougères dengan keju Gruyere – [ via ]
Not only sweet, choux pastry can also be made with salty and savory flavors like Gougères. How to make it is also the same as how to make soes in general, it’s just before baking the dough is given enough cheese grated and sometimes a little spice like chili powder or nutmeg powder to taste more delicious. In France, the place of origin, Gougères is often served as an appetizer and served plain without filling.



Croquembouche, The Tower of Soes Cake from France

The Cherry on Top: Get to Know Maraschino Cherry

Cake Pops, Viral Sweets!



Churro dengan cokelat - [ via ]
Churro dengan cokelat – [ via ]
Although popular in South America, Churro is said to originally come from Spain. The inventor was a Portuguese inspired by how to cook fried cakes from China named Youtiau, a type of cakwe. If Eclairs and soes cakes are made by baking and filling, this one cake variant is made by frying with an elongated mold and then served with a sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon or dyes such as melted chocolate..



Beignet Klasik - [ via ]
Beignet Klasik – [ via ]
Beignet is a typical American cake that originated in France. Although today’s Beignet recipes have been modified to be like donuts, the original Beignet is made from pastry choux mixture which is fried in very hot oil. After being cooked, Beignet is then rubbed with refined sugar before serving. Beignets are very popular to eat for breakfast menu, usually served accompanied by black coffee or milk coffee.

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