The Various Sponge Cake from Indonesia

Mom & sis surely know already, sponge cake has long been a part of the culinary culture of Indonesia. Not only delicious and legit, sponge cake in some regional traditions is even not uncommon to become an important symbol. Then what kind of uniqueness of Indonesian’s cakes have? Let’s take at look to Pondan’s brief summary of the various sponges cakes of Indonesia below!


1. Lapis Legit

Lapis Legit - [ via freepik ]
Lapis Legit – [ via freepik ]
Rooted in the culinary traditions of the Dutch East Indies in the past, Lapis Legit is now a favorite of people in Indonesia. Even on the international news site reported by CNN, Lapis Legit is crowned as one of the most delicious traditional cakes in the world. Because the ingredients are considered quite luxurious and the manufacturing methods are quite complicated, in some areas the presentation of sponge cake on this one is often used as a symbol to show the fame of the owner. Very unique, don’t you think?


2. Black Sticky Rice Sponge Cake

Bolu Ketan Hitam - [ via ]
Bolu Ketan Hitam – [ via ]
As one of the world’s largest rice consuming countries, it is no wonder that Indonesia also has Black Sticky Rice as one of its culinary varieties. Its soft yet chewy and delicious texture with the distinctive taste of black glutinous rice is the mainstay of this one. It is not clear who actually first discovered the recipe for this unique variant of sponge. However, in some big cities such as Garut, this sponge cake is common to be an innovative gift souvenir.


3. Marble Sponge Cake

Corak bagian dalam Bolu Marmer - [ via ]
Corak bagian dalam Bolu Marmer – [ via ]
Also called old school sponge, this classic sponge cake dish has also been part of Indonesian cuisine for a long time. This beautiful sponge cake with chocolate flap motif is often served as a dish on celebrations, as well as other holidays such as Chinese New Year. Not only gives the impression of nostalgia, its distinctive taste and fragrant butter make this sponge taste delicious and is always loved by anyone who eats it. Delicious!



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4. Rainbow Sponge Cake

Kue Bolu Pelangi - [ via ]
Kue Bolu Pelangi – [ via ]

Consisting of 3 colors arranged like a rainbow, this beautiful colorful steamed sponge cake has been around for decades. Although it is not clearly stated about the history of how the sponge was made, many people claim that this one is a recipe for ancestral heritage that is often passed down through generations. Making this steamed cake can even be said to be very easy because it is only made from egg, flour, sugar, and thick coconut milk with the addition of emulsifying cakes and food coloring.


5. Batik Sponge Cake

Aneka Bolu Batik - [ via ]
Aneka Bolu Batik – [ via ]

The art of drawing batik today seems not only found in a piece of clothing. Through this one sponge cake creation, for example, beautiful batik motifs are combined with delicious sponge rolls. This beautiful sponge is even popular in 2015. In addition to its unique appearance, the taste of this unique sponge is equally delicious. Not only in Indonesia, sponge cake enthusiasts have even reached foreign countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and even the United Kingdom.

The five typical Indonesian dishes as if to show that the culinary wealth in this country always deserves a thumbs up. Well for mom & sis who do not want to miss the taste of local specialties, try various variants of cake premix from Pondan. Not only practical, with Pondan you can also enjoy the creation of typical cakes that are not less delicious easily at home you know. Without complicated and certainly anti-fail! Get Pondan products of your choice on the Pondan website, or by visiting your favorite e-commerce. Let’s be creative with Pondan!




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