These are Tips for Making Anti-Fail Kopong Fried Meatballs that You Must Try!

pondan.comLately, the fried meatball snack has become one of the most enjoyed culinary delights. Especially during the rainy season or watching together, of course this snack is the choice. For this reason, tips to make fried meatballs hollow anti-failure at home are sought after.

Tips for making delicious and savory snacks, this one is of course very easy. You only need flour and baking soda. It’s just that, for more instant you can use Pondan popcorn meatball flour. But there’s nothing wrong if you want to try to be creative.

For those of you who want to cook Kopong fried meatballs, you can cook with some of the tips below so they don’t fail:

Use Baking Powder for More Savory Results

Not only used to make bread, but baking soda can help fried meatballs have a crunchier texture. The result will also make the fried meatballs become hollow by mixing baking soda in the meatball dough.

Use Cold Chicken for More Chewy Meatballs

Penggunaan daging ayam untuk membuat bakso goreng kopong tentu tidak sembarangan. Anda perlu memilih daging ayam yang sudah didiamkan di kulkas.

Penggunaan daging ayam untuk pembuatan bakso goreng kopong dengan daging yang dingin akan membuat teksturnya lebih kenyal. Setelah digoreng, juga akan jauh lebih renyah dibandingkan dengan menggunakan daging ayam yang tidak dingin.

Masak dengan Tepung Bakso Pondan

More practically you can use Pondan Meatball Flour. You just process it by mixing the meatball flour on the chopped chicken.

After that, round it up later you will get delicious and crunchy Kopong fried meatballs. Of course you don’t have to bother anymore to get baking soda in the dough, let alone the supporting spices. Simply by using meatball flour from Pondan, you will get a special Kopong fried meatball dish.

Fry Meatballs in Oil with Past Heat

The last tip for making crispy hollow fried meatballs is not to forget to fry the dough in the right hot oil. Certainly not too cold and not too hot.

That’s the readers of tips to make Kopong fried meatballs easily and without fail. It’s just that, to be more practical, you can use Pondan popcorn fried meatball flour products, especially for special dishes, of course it is highly recommended.

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