This is How to Make Blackforest from Steamed Bulky Blackforest Blackforest is one type of cake which until now has a lot of enthusiasts. It’s just that how to make it is not as easy as imagined. However, luckily now there is bulky blackforest steamed. With this cake flour, it will be easier for you to make blackforest .

To be able to make a delicious blackforest there are several other additional ingredients which of course you have to prepare first. Some of them are 6 eggs, margarine, chocolate bars and of course butter cream.

Actually, this product can be made into various types of blackforest as you wish. You can add any ingredients that people really like. It turns out to be able to make it very easy.

Steps in Making Bulky Blackforest Steam

The first step you can take is to melt the margarine first. Then, you can beat the eggs with mixer which has the highest speed until they are fluffy and white. Next, add the bulky blackforest steamed flour little by little until all the ingredients are mixed evenly.

The next step is to add the chocolate paste to the mixture and mix the ingredients until everything is combined. If so, also add the melted margarine. Then, mix again until the dough comes together. Make sure there are no lumps in the dough.

When the dough is finished, you can immediately put it in the pan and don’t forget to flatten it. After that, it can be put in a preheated steamer. Steam until the blackforestis cooked. If it’s ready, it can be served directly or it can also be decorated using butter creamand chocolate bars that have been prepared.

That’s an easy way to make steamed bulky blackforest. The method above can be done by anyone and if it’s ripe, it can be created according to your wishes. The existence of this flour can be the best solution if you really don’t have much time to make blackforest. Besides that, this flour also has a new packaging.

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