Tips and Tricks for Making Homemade Japanese Pancakes Anti-Fail, One of them Must Use Pondan! Pancakes are one of the typical Japanese foods that are quite popular in Indonesia and are even easy to find which are sold in several restaurants. For those of you who are located quite far from a restaurant that sells Japanese-style homemade pancakes, then you can make your own.

Making pancakes is not that difficult. Moreover, the materials used in the manufacturing process are relatively few and easy to find. In order for the pancakes that you will make to be more delicious and similar to those in the restaurant, then you must follow the following tips.

Pay attention to the quality of the equipment used

As the equipment used in the process of making pancakes, it must be one of the concerns. Remember that this equipment will also affect the quality of the Japanese-style homemade pancakes that you will make. One of the equipment that is important to note is the skillet that will be used.

In the process of making these pancakes, it is strongly recommended that you use a clean non-stick pan. Because the pan in a scratched and dirty state will make your pancakes imperfect. Also, you should always wipe the pan with a paper towel after each time you finish frying the pancakes.

Make sure the pancakes are not always flipped

Flicking pancakes too often will make pancake home a failure. This will not make the Japanese-style homemade pancakes cook evenly, but rather spoil it. For that, you just need to check the bottom of the pancake and lift one of the edges when it looks cooked.

Material Selection Must be Premium, Like Foundation

When making pancakes, you must use premium ingredients so that the resulting pancakes are perfect. For that, you can directly use pancake powder from Pondan because Pondan uses high quality ingredients that will make your pancakes as good as in restaurants.

In addition, Pondan has several types of pancake flavors that your family will surely love. With very easy steps, you can make it very quickly!

Thus is some information about tips and tricks in making homemade pancakes Japanese as delicious as a restaurant can do. Some of the tips above must be applied so that you can provide the best food for your family.

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