Tips for Choosing Dark Chocolate To Make Your Favorite Cake!

pondan.comMost of the health benefits of chocolate are believed to be due to its main ingredient, cocoa. However, do you know how to choose the right dark chocolate to serve one of them when you make a cake? Come on, read the review to the end!

1. Tips for Choosing Dark Chocolate

There are many studies that reveal the benefits of dark chocolate. However, not everyone knows how to choose quality chocolate that has the right composition for health. Here are some tips you can do!

2. Choose Certified Dark Chocolate

Choose chocolate products that are certified organic so you can be sure they are not genetically engineered (GE). Unfortunately, most chocolate today, even dark chocolate, is engineered.

3. Choose Pure Chocolate

The closer your cocoa is to its natural raw state, the higher its nutritional value. Ideally, your chocolate or cocoa should be consumed raw. In general, the darker the chocolate, the higher the cocoa. However, cacao is quite bitter, so the higher the percentage of cacao, the more bitter it will be.

4. See the Minimum Ingredients

The quickest way to tell if it’s a good choice or not is to check the ingredients list. Keep things simple and choose chocolate with cocoa or cocoa as one of the top three ingredients. The higher up the list, the more there are!

5. Pay attention to the ingredients

When checking the ingredients list, look for naturally sweetened varieties like honey, coconut sugar, or pure maple syrup! Usually the darker the chocolate you choose, the lower the sugar content, so aim for 70% cocoa or more.

6. Pay attention to the fat content

The fat found in good quality chocolate helps slow the absorption of sugar, reducing insulin spikes. Ideally, the type of fat in your chocolate bar should match that of a natural plant—cocoa butter.

Crude coconut oil is also a good choice, containing medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which can help reduce triglyceride levels. Those are some tips in choosing dark chocolate that you can try both for personal consumption and as a mixture of cake batter.

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