Tips for Cleaning Baking Equipment to Stay Durable Bakers Must Know!

pondan.comHobby Baking is an option for those of you who like to eat and experiment with making various creations of bread, cakes, puddings and others. The process of cooking and baking can be fun, but what about the cleaning of baking utensils and storing them after use?

Most people tend to be tired and lazy to tidy it up. But don’t worry, because the cooking process will be easy and fast using Pondan.

Pondan is one of the trademarks of PT. Pondan Pangan Makmur Indonesia which produces ready-to-process premixes such as cake dough, ice cream, to pudding. As a lover of baking and bakery products, of course this premix product can make it easier for you to experiment and be creative!

As a professional or novice baker, you must clean the combat equipment used during the cooking process. Here are some tips for cleaning baking utensils, including a wooden rolling pin. This tool requires extra care because if it is not cleaned and stored properly it can make the rolling pin moldy and damaged. Use a napkin that has been dipped in warm water and dish soap and rinse thoroughly.

Selanjutnya adalah Loyang kue yang berbahan stainless steel. Seringkali bekas minyak dan remahan kue masih menempel di sudah dan permukannya. Maka Anda cukup merendamnya ke dalam larutan cuka dan soda kue selama 30 menit, kemudian sikat dan bilan dengan menyeluruh.

No less important tool is a cake brush which is used to apply butter, oil and eggs to the surface of the cake. Cakes with silicon or nylon material are enough to clean by soaking them in hot water and dish soap. Then rinse and dry the brush with a cloth until it is completely dry.

The process of cleaning this baking equipment does require more training time and requires special care measures. Just imagine, the cooking process alone takes a long time, plus you also have to keep your baking utensils durable and safe from mold. Therefore, Pondan is here to be a practical solution for your baking activities!

Immediately determine the type of cake you want, and you can find various variants of Pondan cake mix at the convenience store or your favorite cake ingredient store!

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