Tips for Cupcakes Blooming Perfectly

pondan.comCupcakes is one of the traditional snacks that are timeless. Until now, cupcakes are still the prima donna at family gatherings, social gatherings, reunions with friends, while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. The soft and smooth texture, and the sweet taste are the reasons why this cake is still popular with all circles.

Make Cupcakes itself is actually not difficult. The ingredients needed include rice flour, coconut milk, water, wheat flour, sugar, instant yeast, salt, pandan leaves, and food coloring. Even though it looks easy, you need to pay attention to the following things so that the cupcakes can bloom perfectly plus the colorful appearance of the cake will make it more beautiful and appetizing.

How to? Check out the following tips so that your homemade cupcakes can bloom to perfection.

  • Use Instant Yeast/ Cassava Tape

This is the secret that makes cupcakes rise. Use instant yeast or cassava tape into the cake mixture so that the results bloom perfectly. Pay attention to the yeast expiration date, don’t use yeast that has passed the expiration date. If you don’t have yeast, you can replace it with ripe cassava tape to make the fermentation process easier.

  • Pay Attention to Fermentation Time

The next tip, don’t forget to store the dough in a warm place so that the results expand perfectly. If the dough hasn’t risen yet but the fermentation time has run out, then you’ll need to add a little more time until it blooms. Or it could be because the place to store the dough is not hot enough or the quality of the yeast is not good.

  • Use Ceramic/Porcelain Mold

In addition, you can use ceramic or porcelain cake molds whose materials can conduct heat evenly. Avoid applying oil to the molds as this will hinder the cake’s blooming process.

  • Do not open the lid of the steamer

The tip for steaming cupcakes is not to open the lid of the steamer or steamer, as this can cause outside air to enter and eventually heat up unevenly. You have to patiently wait until the cake is cooked, then after that you can open the steamer. Another additional tip, wrap the lid of the steamer using a clean napkin so that the steam doesn’t drip into the mixture while steaming. Drops of water from the steam can hinder the cake’s blooming process.

  • Removing the Cake from the Mold After Cooling

One more thing that should not be missed is the process of removing the cake from the mold. You have to wait for it to cool down. After that, the cake can be removed from the mold. You can soak the cake molds in a bowl filled with water so they cool quickly. This can also help make the cake easier to remove. To keep the texture from drying out quickly, store the cake in an airtight container.

Those are the tips for making cupcakes so that they ripen and bloom perfectly. Interested in trying to make your own at home? Use Pondan Steam Rice Cup Cake Mix to produce quality cupcakes.

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